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For a long time, Nintendo’s on has to be reviewed, and there are many suspicious that have made it into the digital store. However, to the announcement of the title, this debate has been elevated to a new level. This title allows you (self) to dress up in the back seat of the car without being caught.

Yes, you are not mistaken.

The ultimate game Don’t get caught According to its eShop, the game will launch on July 13 and is hailed as “a stupid and terrifying first-person game with a twist” (the Nintendo website doesn’t seem to have the page yet). The list also warns that the game “contains sexual activity scenes that are not suitable for young audiences.”

By watching our game trailer, you will know exactly why As a link Protect the sensitive eyes of young readers.

The arrival of “no longer caught” once again raises a question: who is Nintendo approving these games, and what quality standards are set?

“Don’t Be Caught” will be launched worldwide on July 13, 2020, and will cost £7.19 in the UK.


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