Apple users updating their iPhones to iOS 14.2 are facing serious battery drain issues. issues seem to have a significant impact on older iPhone models such as iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE (2020). In addition to iPhone models, some users who updated their iPad to iPadOS 14.2 also reported similar battery drain issues. Apple has not provided any clear information about whether the problem can be resolved with new software updates in the coming days.

According to user complaints posted on the Apple Developer Forum, the battery drain problem of the iPhone model appeared shortly after the release of iOS 14.2 in November. The Reddit post noted that over time, more users began to notice problems. After installing the iOS 14.2 update, some affected users also turned to Twitter to highlight battery issues.

In most cases, it is reported that the battery life of iPhone models running on iOS 14.2 has dropped significantly. People have seen battery power drop by more than 50% in less than 30 minutes, which has been in multiple user posts. Some users have also observed a sudden increase in battery percentage after restarting the device.

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“My phone battery was good before [the] Update”, one of the affected users wrote on the Apple Developer Forum. “Now, the proportion has risen from 70% to 1%. [a] A few minutes. “

Battery drain issues mainly occur on older iPhone models, including iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE (2020). After updating to iPadOS 14.2 and releasing it together with iOS 14.2 in November, some older iPad users (including the 2018 iPad Pro) also noticed the sudden battery loss.

It is not clear whether the battery drain issue has any impact after installing iOS 14.2 on the iPhone 12 series. However, some iPhone 12 users have recently noticed a sharp drop in battery power.

Gadget 360 has contacted Apple to clarify the way to solve the battery consumption problem and will update this space when the company responds.

At the same time, if you have not updated your iPhone to iOS 14.2, it is worth waiting for the next update, which may the reported battery drain issue.

This is not the first time iPhone users have encountered battery drain issues after installing a new iOS update. Just recently, some users updated their iPhone models to iOS 14 and reported battery life issues. Apple also acknowledged complaints in October and recommended that affected users delete all their content and settings from the iPhone to resolve the issue.

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