has 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1, which are the latest and improved versions for compatible iPhone and iPad models. The new update was released less than a month after the company iOS 14.0.1 and iPadOS 14.0.1, because early bug fixes were released after iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 debuted. In addition to various improvements and bug fixes, iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1 bring 10-bit HDR video and editing to existing iPhone and iPad models.

New features in iOS 14.1

According to the change log provided by Apple, iOS 14.1 added support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing in the “Photos” of iPhone 8 and later models. This makes sense, because the iPhone 12 series brings 10-bit HDR recording, and may not be able to achieve the same experience due to limitations. Existing iPhone users will now be able to watch and edit videos received from the latest iPhone models. .

In addition to the newly added 10-bit HDR video support, this update also resolves the issue that caused certain widgets, folders and icons to shrink and appear on the home screen. It also solves the problem that dragging widgets on the home screen may delete applications from the folder. This update also resolves the following issue: The email in the message is sent through an incorrect alias and prevents incoming calls from displaying zone information.

iOS 14.1 brings a series of improvements and bug fixes

The iOS 14.1 update also fixes this issue, which causes the call button on the locked screen to overlap with the text input box when the zoom mode and alphanumeric password are enabled. Likewise, this update fixes the issue in the “Calculator” app, which may prevent zeros from appearing on the screen. There is also a fix for this problem, which restricts users to downloading or adding songs to their music library when viewing albums or playlists.

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Apple also resolved the issue of temporarily reducing the resolution of streaming video at the beginning of playback. This update also resolves an issue in the “Files” application that may cause some cloud service providers managed by MDM to incorrectly display content as unavailable. In addition, the compatibility of Ubiquiti wireless access points has been improved.

The latest iOS update also resolves some issues related to Apple Watch. In one case, some users were unable to set up the Apple Watch of family members, and in another case, the Apple Watch case material in the Apple Watch app was displayed incorrectly.

In other words, the iOS 14.1 update cannot solve the known battery consumption issue introduced in the iOS 14 release. Apple even publicly acknowledged the problem and provided a solution-restore your iPhone after completely erasing all stored content. .

The release of iOS 14.1 follows the release of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which will begin in the United States and other major markets on Friday, October 23. However, the new iPhone model will debut in India on October 30. Apple is likely to release the iPhone 12 series with iOS 14.1 out of the box.

What’s new in iPadOS 14.1

Just like the iOS 14.1 update, iPad OS 14.1 also fixes issues related to widgets, folders and icons on the home screen, mail application, music library, video playback and file applications. It also provides 10-bit HDR video playback and photos for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (second generation) and later, iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Air (third generation) and later Photos app. Editing support. And iPad mini (5th generation). In addition, the iPadOS 14.1 update was launched immediately after the availability of the iPad Air (2020) for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The new iPad Air is expected to run the latest iPadOS update.

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How to download iOS 14.1, iPadOS 14.1

To download iOS 14.1 on iPhone or iPod touch or iPadOS 14.1 on iPad, make sure that the device has power and is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Then you can go to the following location to start the download process: Set value > general > Software update. In addition, this update applies to all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad models compatible with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14.

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