Buying an is more than just getting a new smartphone-it has to the Apple ecosystem. The great thing is that now we can also connect our iOS device to our car to create a better seamless experience. Recently, Apple released its iOS 13.4, and unfortunately it didn't Rumored CarKey Features, Which can be included in iOS 14, but one of the car-related features has been updated-CarPlay. Car games Is Apple's interface that lets you connect your iOS device to your car's dashboard. Edge report Third-party are now available on its split screen view. Previously, only Apple Maps could be used on a split screen with other apps, such as music apps, to help you reach your destination, while third-party apps required the entire screen to work properly.

Unfortunately, even if Apple third-party applications to access your car's split-screen dashboard, there is another necessary step to take to make the whole process work. Map application developers need to specifically add support for new features. Currently, it is reported that Google Maps and Waze have not done so, so you will not be able to use them in split screen situations.

Google hasn't provided information on the matter, but said it is committed to "exploring ways to make the in-car experience more seamless."

Another feature added to CarPlay by iOS 13.4 is the in-call information that will be displayed on the dashboard, but unfortunately, this information currently summarizes the list of updates that the CarPlay dashboard has received with the new iOS .

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