is testing the to post photos and videos directly from the PC desktop browser. A new feature on the Instagram desktop website allows to apply filters and edit photos and videos in a manner similar to a mobile application. This feature was highlighted in a last month, when a well-known prompter leaked some screenshots of the process of a post from a desktop website. has now confirmed to TechnologyShout that the feature is indeed in testing.

The new feature of the Instagram desktop site is the first spot Written by industry insider Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra).

TechnologyShout can also verify the ability to publish posts via a desktop browser. A Facebook spokesperson said in a statement: “We know that many people access Instagram through computers. To improve this experience, we are now testing the ability to create dynamic posts on Instagram using a desktop browser.”

The process of creating, editing, and publishing posts on the Instagram website is similar to the process users encounter on mobile apps. The famous salesman Alessandro Paluzzi (Alessandro Paluzzi) first revealed this feature as early as May.

How to post on Instagram from the desktop

The must first click + (Plus sign) The icon in the upper right corner of the page. Then they will to choose an image from their or Windows PC, just like they did on the Android and iOS apps. After selection, the user must choose from four different crop sizes-original, square (1:1), portrait (4:5) and landscape (16:9). After that, the also provides users with the option to choose a filter from the various filters provided by the platform. In addition, users can also choose to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, fade in and fade out, and vignetting.

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Instagram’s desktop site allows users to add titles, locations, alt and adjust settings
Image source: Screenshot/Gadget 360

If the user wants to post a , the process is slightly different compared to posting a photo. After selecting the desired video, the user can select any frame in the video as the cover. Users can also get a switch to turn off or turn on the sound.

After the user finishes editing the photo or video, they can add a title, location, and alt text. You can tag other Instagram users in the post by clicking on the photo. Users can also choose to turn off comments on posts before publishing.