Instagram announced the launch of a new feature called Collab, which is being launched in India. Using collaboration, people can now invite another account to appear as a collaborator on a feed post or scroll they created, and the content will be shared between two groups of followers. India is one of two countries where Instagram is currently testing feature.

According to Facebook’s social media company, users can use collaboration features to invite collaborators to their posts and . If they accept the invitation, the collaborator will appear as an author and the content will also be shared to their profile grid, thereby increasing the audience of the content.

How to use collaboration?

This feature has not yet been launched globally. If you are an Instagram user from India, please review the steps below on how to use Collab:

  1. Upload dynamic posts or create reels as usual.
  2. When you reach the end of the shared screen, you will see the following options Mark people.
  3. Tap Mark people Invite collaborators by clicking Invite collaborators.
  4. You can now search for accounts and add them as collaborators. Please note that this account needs to accept your invitation. Only public accounts that have also received this feature during the beta rollout process can be invited to join collaborations or co-author posts.
  5. After the account accepts the collaboration invitation, they will be added to the tab screen and will also be noted in the of your post.

In early July, Facebook also announced plans to spend US$1 billion (approximately Rs 74.5 billion) on social media creators by the end of 2022. The social media giant announced that these investments will include reward programs to pay creators who reach certain milestones on apps, including Instagram.

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