According to reports, Instagram is upgrading search on its platform to support keywords. The search tab on Instagram currently provides the ability to search only for tags and accounts. However, this situation is about to change as Instagram has begun to provide keyword-based search support for specific users for English users in six countries. In addition, Instagram is also expanding its guide function to all users. The new “Guide” label was launched in May, but initially only applied to a few health creators.

The Verge reports that keyword search is being rolled out to English-speaking users in six countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland and Canada. These users will now be able to search on Instagram hashtags and keywords outside of their accounts. For example, users can now search for words such as “makeup tips” and “healthy recipes” and get relevant results.

A company spokesperson told The Verge that by considering various factors such as “content type, title, release time, etc.”, search can provide search results based on keywords. Search uses machine learning to “find the highest quality content relevant to you.” The report suggests that currently only grid posts are displayed and only certain terms can be searched. A spokesperson for the publication said: “Search is limited to general interest topics and keywords within Instagram’s community guidelines.” Margin said that it cannot obtain information such as “vaccine”, “QAnon”, “Trump” or even “Biden”. Search results for keywords like.

This is because this may be the first step for Instagram to improve its internal search, which is currently very limited. Content creators will also benefit from this, because keyword searches can make their posts appear in the results even without specific tags attached.

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The new “Guide” tab can be found in the “Profile” section

In a new blog post, Instagram also confirmed that it will provide its “guide” function to all users. The new “Guide” tab can be found in the “Profile” section. It allows users to discover recommendations and other content from favorite creators or public figures. A guide is essentially a tag in a user’s profile where they can highlight specific topics based on old posts and videos (including IGTV videos with subtitles and titles), thereby creating updates to similar articles.

These guides can be shared in all stories and DMs. Instagram has also expanded its content support and allowed the use of product guides. The blog post said: “The product guide may appear in the Instagram store, which is our new shopping destination in the Instagram app, so you can discover new products from people who may not yet follow.”

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