Instagram seems to have blocked the #sikh hashtag on the platform within a short period of time, and some users complained on Twitter. After only five months, Facebook and Instagram were restricted to many users the hashtag #sikh. At the time, Instagram responded to user complaints and stated that the hashtag was “wrongly blocked” in early March.

according to User report, You can’t search for the hashtag #sikh on Instagram.Some users also Reported There are also blocking measures on Facebook.

Gadget 360 is able to independently verify user reports about the #sikh hashtag being blocked. The application initially showed a “hidden post” error with the content: “To ensure that only the most relevant posts are displayed, we have hidden some private or low-quality posts.” However, shortly after some users made this suggestion , Instagram started showing some posts.

Initially I saw Instagram completely blocked the #sikh hashtag (left), but then started to show some posts (right)

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After searching the hashtag #sikh on Instagram, it was found that more than 2.5 million posts on the platform carry the same hashtag.

Gadget 360 has contacted Instagram and Facebook to comment on the matter and will update this space when they reply.

In June, it was discovered that Facebook and Instagram blocked the hashtag #sikh on the platform. It was unblocked shortly after several users reported the problem on social media. Instagram also apologized for the behavior and stated that the label was “wrongly blocked” on March 7 after receiving a report from its team that it was “not properly reviewed.”

Instagram once said: “Our program failed here, and we are sorry.”

In addition to checking content with the hashtag #sikh, earlier this year it was also discovered that Facebook blocked messages on Instagram. Include hashtag #blacklivesmatter.

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