new features for on Thursday as of the ’s attempt to make the social media platform “the best space for creators to make a living.” The company launched Subscriber Chat, Subscriber Scrolls, Subscriber , and Subscriber Homepage. Under the Subscribers Home tab, users will be able to filter out posts that are only available to them. Back in January, the company announced the first version of the subscription for U.S. creators. In the same month, the company was also spotted testing these features in India.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced in a video post on the social media platform that the company is now introducing more subscription features to Instagram. Mosseri said the subscriber chat, subscriber , subscriber posts and subscriber homepage features will enable creators on the platform to stable and sustainable income.

The new subscriber chat feature will allow creators to interact with up to 30 subscribers at a time. In the video, the feature appears to create a special group chat between creators and their subscribers. According to Mosseri, subscriber posts are one of the most requested features for creators. It allows creators to publish photos, reels and videos only for their subscribers. This, combined with the Subscriber Homepage feature, allows subscribers to view all the exclusive content published by creators under one tab – they’ve already subscribed.

Instagram began testing these features with some creators in the US in January. At the time, it only offered subscriber stories, subscriber badges, and subscriber streaming. That same month, Instagram reportedly started showing the option to to specific creators. At the time, TechnologyShout was able to access the subscription page of one of the creators’ profiles. Also shown is the subscription price – Rs. 89, Rs. 440 and Rs. 890 a month.

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