WandaVision will premiere on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar on January 15. The Cinematic Universe includes an unprecedented format: sitcoms. Although technically it was set after the “Avengers: Endgame” events, many of WandaVision’s screen events are portrayed in the style and appearance of American sitcoms from the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond of. Think I love Lucy, the Dick Van Dyke show, family gatherings or full houses (with WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen’s Elizabeth Olsen’s sisters Mary Kate and Ashley) . Why is this so? That’s naturally confusing, but WandaVision actors and creators want you to know that it all comes from a place of love.

Everything you need to know about WandaVision

“I watched TV too many times when I was a kid, and TV is of great significance to me. I found comfort in the TV family.” Pictures President Kevin Feige (Kevin Feige) on Zoom for WandaVision on Sunday A virtual show. “One of the things we talked about early on was: These are not imitations. This is not a direct irony. We like these [family sitcoms] They mean a lot to us, although they now seem outdated and stupid. There is a comfort factor there.So this is the main factor behind, and the manga inspiration is of course [in] What prompted us to integrate these ideas together. “

Olsen pointed that she drew inspiration from works performed by Mary Tyler Moore Show and Dick Van Dyke, and from Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched) Fame) stood out from the crowd, and “accidentally dropped Lucy in the 70s” [episode] Just because there are too many comedies. “

The episode of WandaVision was a sitcom for that era and was shot in front of a live audience. Olsen said: “It’s really disturbing. There is a lot of adrenaline, there are a lot of rapid changes, which completely confuses my brain. The idea is not to play with the audience, but to feed the audience and have a camera. When we increase the number of I was really grateful for the four-story wall.”

WandaVision director Matt Shakman (who hosted all nine episodes of the miniseries) said: “Doing this in front of a quasi-live studio audience, it really adds to it.” Before shooting with the staff, he screened “a large number of old TV series”. After watching, they will discuss how comedy has changed over the past few decades. They also hired coaches to teach the actors the voices and movements of the people of that era to “make it as real as possible.”

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From WandaVision to Tandav, this is the live content of January 2021

Shakman and Feige even had lunch with Dick Van Dyke himself to provide further help in this regard. Shachman said: “You watched Dick Van Dyck’s performance today and it was as good as it was then. So, what is the magic behind this? And I still remember that Kevin and I and Dick Van Dyck ( Dick Van Dyke) have lunch together. This is still one of the best afternoons of my life. We asked him if you know what the governing principles behind the “Dick Van Dyke Show” are. Why did it work so well? He said , If it can’t happen in real life, it can’t happen in a performance, yes. So if what you do is rooted, it is real and echoes everyone’s experience at home, Then you can do crazy things.”

Kathryn Hahn as Agnes in WandaVision
Photo Credit: Disney/ Studios

The miracle of the fifties

Of course, WandaVision is more than just a sitcom. The two trailers we obtained strongly suggest that the Marvel series’ environment in the suburbs is a structure, one created by Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch (Olsen) or trapped in it. There is sufficient evidence to support this.on the one hand [spoilers for a two-and-a-half-year movie] Vision (Paul Bettany) is dead. He was killed by Wanda and Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”. Shakman revealed that there is now Dr. Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) who is returning, who was previously an assistant to astrophysicist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), and is now her own expert.

For the transition from comedy to dramatic tones, the creators of WandaVision set their sights on a classic series that explores mysterious creatures and strange events in the American suburbs: Twilight. Shakman said that they drew inspiration from Rod Serling’s late 1950s creations, including shooting and appearance.

If you want to avoid potential damage to WandaVision, please skip this box.

Each episode of WandaVision uses fake commercials as a reference, which quotes a larger MCU. Many of them are involved in Hydra, an evil organization that was once the main villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Of course, the creators of WandaVision will not reveal their intentions, but Feige does say so: “As for how other truths about the show started to leak, advertising is an early idea. If this is the MCU content you are watching, then It’s just a strange version of the 50s or 60s commercials, you have to continue watching the series to understand. If you’ve watched all the movies, you can start to associate these meanings with the past.”

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WandaVision’s founder and lead writer Jac Schaeffer added: “Twilight has had a huge impact on me personally, and I really think it’s actually a way for me to learn to tell stories. That round was incredible. You think you are in a thing and then suddenly turn it over. So all of us are deeply fascinated by it.

“Then I think there are a lot of current shows, for example, the prestigious series is doing this very exciting thing, you watch a few episodes, and then you think the show is one thing, and then by the fourth and fifth episodes , It will flip the script. So, I think, in terms of genre boundary push, this is indeed where more modern references appear.”

More Wanda and vision—and more

At the same time, WandaVision provides Marvel fans with more clues opportunities, and most of these clues are limited to Avengers movies. Wanda appeared in the ending film of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and then made his debut with the vision in “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Both sides returned to “Captain America: Civil War”, which is an Avengers movie, but there is almost no name. They are all part of the large Avengers: Infinity War. Putting it together, they already have a few minutes of MCU screen display time. In WandaVision, they will spend several hours.

Schaeffer said: “Wanda and the Yuanjing couple are together. Their love story is very tragic, but it is really warm and intimate.” “We saw them in these very beautiful moments of theft in the MCU. In fact, this is just on the screen. A small amount of time, but very powerful and full of soul.

“But, I think, the real meaning of WandaVision is to provide a kind of enjoyment for everyone, that is, we open up the stage and space for them. And they are like home, we see them washing dishes in the kitchen, To be cute. Like all these things like household appliances, you will never see the participation of superheroes. We really experienced these huge dramatic moments and troublesome moments in the MCU, and then in WandaVision, this It’s a lot of lovely things, until no.”

wandavision Monica Rambo

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau in WandaVision
Photo Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Due to the extended runtime, WandaVision will also have room to explore other characters.At the top of the list is Monica Rambo (Teyonah Parris), she is the adult version of an 11-year-old girl from Captain Marvel Choose the red and blue costume colors signed by the protagonist ( Larson). Parris’ Monica (Monica) will also be with Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Larsen) and Kamala Khan/Captain Marvel (Iman Villa (Iman Vellani) became a member of Captain Marvel 2 together. Parris’ comments suggest that WandaVision may even recall her past.

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Paris said: “In WandaVision, who do we meet [Monica] Now as an adult woman, during the entire performance, we learned what she did and what happened to her. Between the gap in these years and her growth and development, or… […] We actually need to understand what Monica has seen and experienced, and how they shaped her life. I don’t want to pay too much, because we will actually involve a lot during the entire performance. “

Exclusively for Disney+

After an eight-month delay caused by the pandemic, WandaVision will launch the fourth phase of the MCU’s late arrival. (Black widow It was originally planned to do this, but it is now postponed to May 7. ) This is unlike anything that Marvel does, it is both hopeful and worrying.

Feige said: “I want it to say,’Be prepared for new things and new things.’ […] With the opportunity of Disney+, it allows us to creatively expand our work. Yes, the original plan was for the Falcon. The Winter Soldier will make its debut last year, and WandaVision will soon be launched. In terms of creativity, we did not reorganize. Part of developing a long-term leadership plan is to have the ability and ideas on how to reorganize when needed. I am not saying that we are ready for a global pandemic. we are not.

“But unexpected situations often make Marvel Studios perform well, and in this case, it also brings us benefits. Because [WandaVision] As our first, I love how bold it is, I love it to be different, and I love you that you can only see it on Disney+. We have what you can only see in the at first, and we have something specially prepared for this. We can see this on TV week after week, which is very different for us. “

WandaVision will premiere on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar on January 15.