Star Wars: Inferior Batch, Lucasfilm’s next animated series, from the distant galaxy, will premiere on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar on “Star Wars Day” on May 4, just like “Five Four” is the same. The derivative products of the “Clone Wars” were carried out after the war of the same name, and immediately after the “Clone Force 99”, this is a group of elite clone soldiers, each of whom has genetic mutations that can give them unique skills. The bad batch comes from Dave Filoni, a Star Wars veteran who used to work in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” to create resistance to “Star Wars Rebels” and “Star Wars”, now with Man Dallowian creator Jon (Jon) co-leads the world of the “Star Wars” movie. Favreau.

“Bad batches” are the spiritual successor to The Clone Wars,” Brad Rau, the supervisor of the bad batches, told reporters on Zoom. “So there is a lot in common. When we start the first episode, we will back up some content from what we saw right after the end of the Clone Wars. This is what Dave Filoni wants us to do. It’s really exciting to see things like Order 66. With these characters, we can only know some from the last season of “The Clone Wars”, which gives us the opportunity to continue the heritage and storytelling of “The Clone Wars”, but through the eyes of characters. “

In the “Star Wars” galaxy, Order 66 refers to the Sith conspiracy planned by Sith Lord Darth Sidious-well known as Emperor Palpatine-in modification biochips are implanted in the brains of all clones deployed in the Republic. Tap the switch to execute the 66th command. It called all the Jedi traitors, and their own clone soldier allies shot them on and slaughtered the Jedi Order in the process. “Star Wars: Bad Criticism” started around the same time, and found the nominal organization that now works for the newly discovered empire, as did all other unmutated clones.

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“Bad Batch” lead writer Jennifer Corbett (Jennifer Corbett) said: “This is one of the most exciting things we have in this series.” “When you talk about the end of the Clone Wars, not only for Clone Force 99, and for ordinary clones, what it actually looks like. The Milky Way looks like because it’s not the original empire trilogy that is accustomed to, and the empire in Star Wars: Rebels. In that empire, the Milky Way is dominant in the Milky Way.

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“This is the beginning stage. [The Bad Batch shows] What will the galaxy experience immediately after the war. Some planets and systems are happy with the end of the war and embrace the empire because of it. Others are a little tired of the empire, what their rule really means. In terms of bad batches, it is interesting to explore their feelings, because with the Republic, they have a lot of freedom. But there is an empire. They operate slightly differently, and we definitely want to show how Batch reacts to this. “

Rau added: “Bad batches are an interesting point in this regard, because they are not’regs’,” he referred to regular clone soldiers as regs. “Even the way they treat their brothers. We deal with the opposition they are now in in this growing empire. The rules suddenly become the face of the enemy, just like we are in [Star Wars: Episode III –] Revenge of the Sith. “

Thanks to its settings and animation style, the “bad batch” feels a lot like “Clone Wars”. But this is not the only similar “Star Wars” series. The bad batch has elite fighters wearing helmets on their heads. There is also a young girl, Omega (voiced by Michelle Ang), who was eventually taken care of by Dee Bradley Baker, the unofficial head of the bad batch. In the early episodes (I’ve seen it twice), Hunter had trouble taking care of Omega and even tried to dump her to a family because he thought Omega would live a safer life with them. This sounds a lot like the current “Star Wars” hit “The Mandalorian.”

When I asked her about the similarities, Corbett said: “I think what connects all these shows is the idea of ​​change.” “In terms of his position, I saw the similarities to the Mandalorian. This is the work of batch processing. Now that everything has changed, they are questioning where they fit and where they belong. Because the war is over, if they are not soldiers, what is their purpose now?

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“When you add a child to it, these elite soldiers who are accustomed to completing any task are suddenly completely dead in terms of how to raise the child and become the of the child. At least at Omega, she is older, she is Her own person [as to Grogu/ Baby Yoda]. I think the dynamics between them are very interesting, because her parenting method is very different from the parenting method. “

Rau believes that the similarity is that almost all “Star Wars” are related to family. “Some of the similarities may be more common [here] At least the beginning is more common. Rau added. “Whether you are talking about the Grizzly Warrior and a young girl like in the show, or other things around, people feel how a family works together as a military unit, but other than that, They just pay attention to each other- [those] Is a very important theme in this show. “

Wen Mingna as Fennec Shand in Mandalorian (left)
Image source: Disney/Lucasfilm

“Star Wars: Bad Batch” will also share a role with the Mandalorian-Manna Nand Fennec Shand (Fennec Shand), this is when Mando visited Tatooine in the first season Elite mercenaries introduced. Shand seems to be killed in that episode, but she miraculously returns in Season 2 of Mandalorian, which shows that Boba Fett saved her. Later, Shand would help Fett take over the Hutt Palace-establishing a derivative series of “The Book of Boba Fett”, which also includes her. Since the Mandalorian happened after the fall of the empire, the “bad batch” will have a younger “Sand”.

There are at least two connections between “The Bad Batch” and the larger “Star Wars” movie world. Also participated in the introduction of resistance fighter Saw Gerrera (speaked by Andrew Kishino), the story was introduced in “The Clone Wars” and later by Forest Whitaker in “Rogue One : Played in Star Wars.Then there is Death Star Commander Grand Moff Tarkin-or more precisely, Admiral Tarkin on the “bad batch” (by Stephen Stanton), Because he has not yet promoted the role of Peter Cushing in the original 1977 Star wars the film.

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Bad batches, broken relationships and more on Disney+ Hotstar in May

“What we are trying to do is to keep this show real to the heart of Star Wars, and this is what Dave Filoni has been teaching us and pressing us,” Corbett said. “As far as the similar characters we have seen, it’s tempting to want to use everyone, because we are all fans of Star Wars. So we want to play with all those toys. But that’s why we use Some people and also want to introduce to a balancing act between a character (this is a huge galaxy). Therefore, we don’t want it to feel too small. We want to explore other people’s views and opinions.”

Law added: “When we do have the opportunity to adapt the characters to the storyline, I mean we are very scared. It’s so fun to talk about it, it’s fun to turn it into reality. Technically speaking, we spent a lot of money Energy to commemorate the legacy of any character we are familiar with. This is not only from the perspective of the actors, but also includes the musical cues, animation methods, lighting and the combination of all the elements we use. But we want to make sure that we don’t know who the character is People from can still follow. But if you really know who you are, then you may cry, you may laugh, or all laugh.”

“Star Wars: Bad Batch” will premiere on Disney + and Disney + Hotstar on May 4. debut in a 70-minute special program. A episode will be broadcast on Friday.