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Influential marketers say sponsored Instagram posts have seen a sharp increase in views, , and in the past 2 weeks

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  • With more and more staying at home to help curb the spread of new coronaviruses, the use of social media seems to be increasing.
  • are seeing a surge in ad impressions and user engagement in sponsored posts from apps like TikTok and Instagram.
  • Influential marketing agencies have clearly stated that the number of "likes" on Instagram-sponsored posts has increased by 76% over the past two weeks.
  • The company also reported a 27% increase in participation in sponsored positions on TikTok between February and March.
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Such as School closed, The company invites employees Work at homeAnd some countries When locked To curb the outbreak of the coronavirus, people seem to be spending more time on social media, which has driven greater engagement in influencer marketing campaigns on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Two influential marketing agencies told Insider that their engagement and ad impressions on sponsored posts on TikTok and Instagram have increased over the past few weeks.

Influential marketing agencies apparently say that the cumulative "likes" on sponsored posts for influential events on Instagram have increased by 76% over the past two weeks.

The company also found that sponsorship positions on TikTok increased by 27% between February and March. TikTok's engagement is calculated by combining likes, , and shares, divided by the total number of views.

Mae Karwowski, the company's founder and CEO, said: "Everyone is at home and actively participates in TikTok, everyone is socially far away." "We are just consuming more content."

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When sponsorship posts on TikTok peaked, the app's user base grew dramatically. According to February data, TikTok has the best app install month ever in February, with the platform's App Store and Google Play downloads close to 113 million worldwide data From the application analysis company Sensor Tower.

Influential marketing agency Sapphire Apps said that in recent weeks, as more and more Americans spend time on the app, TikTok has also gained more impressions and engagement.

"Our campaign has received more and more attention, and our ability to spread the has increased significantly," said the company's chief executive, Anish Dalal.

Although some Travel influencer Due to the corona virus outbreak, their influencer marketing campaign has been cancelled and other marketers are increasing their investment in social media advertising. Dalal said he has seen a 200% to 300% increase in the number of activities for companies selling software to help users work remotely. He noted that campaigns related to live events were being cancelled.

Ariana Jacob, founder of influential marketing agency Impacts, said she hopes event-based marketing budgets will decrease because concerts like Coachella are canceled, but as users spend more time on social media, she hopes Ad impressions and engagement with existing campaigns will increase.

"Because people stay at home, I think they will be watching more TikToks and more social media," Jacob said. This is not necessarily a bad thing for my content creators.

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