At some point, Bob Regehr had an idea. We do n’t know when and where it happened in the shower? Is it on the breakfast table? ? ? But his idea was to create an with a moon trail for children to use when they play. At that , Bob Regehr owned several gas stations, but it was his invention that made him rich. Therefore, Bob did what any of us would do when making money: he bought a lot of , including & # 39; 32 Ford, Frigatewith Vintage hot rod. Many of these cars can now be sold through the VanDerBrink auction house, which means you have the opportunity to purchase the built by the inflatable house.

Our sister publication Hot rod A few years ago a real description of Reg and his collectionAnd their photos are included in the gallery below. This is a semi-fabulous collection that the writer Henry Platt has heard of for years. Pula wrote that at a certain moment, Leger had accumulated a total of 226 cars. By the time Regehr hired Platt to help him reduce things, many people were in disrepair.

Regehr has many unique attributes that seem to be among the owners of many incredible abandoned series. He was extremely personal and he was unwilling to sell his or even show it to others. Platt said that once he decided to start selling, he only wanted to trade in multiple parking spaces and would not tell people where the was. He did not wait patiently for the tires. And that kind of coquettish selling point is the way of collecting soaring. But Prater also pointed out that Leger is not a product in itself, because all cars are carefully selected, and each is rare or important. But he absolutely loves those special models.

Regehr died last year and unveiled the secrecy of secrecy. Which includes incredible 20 &; # 39; 32 Ford-famous car Flat head V-8 The debut, becoming a legendary figure of instant idols and hot characters-although there is usually at least one, it is usually a bunch of American cars from the 30s to the 60s Ferrari. Frigates, T-Birds and various muscle cars abound. There are also some hot rods built regularly, we Human Resources Colleagues are salivating, and may just be the highlight of the series. For collectors, the many rare NOS parts accumulated by Regehr may be the key to complete some incredible restoration projects.

Take a look at the car gallery below to see if anything impresses you. Assuming no further delay, the auction will be held on October 24, 2020. The list here.

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