Apple will provide 20% incentives to customers who directly add funds to their Apple ID from the App Store in India. The increased funds can be used to purchase apps and games on the App Store, and even pay subscription fees such as Apple Music and Apple TV+. Customers can also use the funds to purchase iCloud storage space, and even Apple One subscription packages. The offer is only applicable to one-time payments and is applicable to funds ranging from rupee. rupees. 15,000.

India’s App Store will provide customers with a 20% bonus before September 30. When you top up your Apple ID, the bonus will be available immediately.

A 20% bonus means you will get an extra Rs. 200 is used to add Rs. 1,000 funds are deposited into your Apple ID. Similarly, there will be Rs. 400 rupees. 2,000 rupees 1,000 rupees. 5,000 rupees 2,000 rupees. 10,000 and rupees. 3,000 rupees. 15,000.

How to use Apple ID funded bonus

To receive a bonus funds added to your Apple ID, please visit set up > your name > Payment and shipping > Apple ID > Increase funds From your iPhone or iPad.Or, you can go to app Store > account > Add funds to Apple IDYou can also add funds from the “Account Information” section of the App Store on your Mac device.

It should be noted that the bonus is only applicable once. This means you will not be able to use it multiple times. Apple also pointed out in its terms and conditions page that bonuses received as a result of promotions have no cash value and are not transferable-they cannot be shared with your family or friends.

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You need to enable a valid payment method on the App Store to recharge your Apple ID. Recently, Apple has enabled UPI, RuPay and online banking as three payment options Indian customers on the App Store. These payment methods can be used with debit card and credit card options.

After being added, the funds from the Apple ID can be used to purchase new applications and games on the App Store. You can also use the funds to pay subscriptions to Apple services such as Apple Music and Apple TV+ and third- platforms including Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix.

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