has caused huge repercussions around the world, but it has also been criticized for reasons such as distracting and making violence the bane of parent wallets. In another incident, hard-working parents paid too much for their bank accounts, and an teenager reportedly blew up the rupee. 2.1 million (approximately US$21,400) was used to purchase in-game items in PUBG.

According to the report from TribuneThe 17-year-old can use his father’s and mother’s bank accounts and use his to pay for medical expenses and his son’s future, to purchase in-game items and upgrade for himself and his teammates. To avoid suspicion, he often transfers money from one account to another, and even deletes transaction receipts.

To teach him PUBGFalling in love with a lesson from a teenage son, his father asked him to work in a scooter repair shop. “I just can’t let him idle at home, or even give him a mobile phone to learn. He works in a scooter repair shop so that he realizes how difficult it is to make money,” Quoting my father’s words.

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