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The Quad, an informal group of four countries including Australia, India, Japan and the United States, has agreed to use machine learning and related advanced technologies to strengthen cybersecurity, the White House said. Officials from Australia, India, Japan and the United States met in New Delhi on January 30-31 for a high-level quartet of cyber groups, during which they reaffirmed their commitment to advancing a free, open, inclusive and resilient Indo-Pacific region, it says.

In a statement Thursday, the White House said the group is committed to using machine learning and related advanced technologies to enhance cybersecurity in the long term and to establish secure channels for computer emergency response teams (CERTs) and the private sector to share threat information.

The group is also working on creating a framework and methodology to ensure supply chain security and resilience of information communication technology (ICT) and operational technology (OT) systems in key sectors, adding that these goals form an important part of the future outlook , Group frontier work plan.

Progress on these goals will enhance the national cyber capabilities of Quartet members, reduce the number of serious cyber incidents and improve their response capabilities, the White House said.

It said closer collaboration on machine learning research would enable better detection of cyber intrusions and improve cyber risk management of critical infrastructure.

The White House said a framework for CERTs and private sector entities to share security threat information would allow for better real-time cooperation and assessment of cyber incidents as they arise.

“The supply chain approach will encourage key software services, products and suppliers utilized by the government to adhere to the Quartet-endorsed best practice guidelines for cybersecurity ICT and critical infrastructure OT requirements,” it added.

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Given that telecom security is a core function of national security, the statement said the group will work with the Quad CET working group to work to ensure design security and cybersecurity best practices are incorporated into ORAN and 6G technologies.

“Our meeting advanced the group’s aggressive and ambitious agenda. The Quad partners are working together to better secure cyberspace and foster an international digital economy that works for all, including regional partners in the Indo-Pacific ,” the White House said.

It said the Quad countries committed in the short term to promote more secure software services and products through common Quad government security practices, establish common cybersecurity requirements for the nation’s critical infrastructure, conduct the Quad Cyber ​​Challenge (an awareness campaign in our population and drive action to improve cybersecurity), collaborate on capacity-building activities and information-sharing in the Indo-Pacific region under the Quadruple Cybersecurity Partnership.

Among other things, the panel discussed the importance of utilizing trusted suppliers in telecommunications infrastructure as part of our collective commitment to promote secure, resilient networks and technologies, including by exploring Open and interoperable network solutions are taking place, the statement said.

These efforts demonstrate the Quartet’s commitment to building regional capabilities and ensuring the provision of open and secure telecommunications infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific, it said.

According to the statement, the Quad Cyber ​​Challenge Campaign will raise basic cybersecurity awareness among individuals, organisations, businesses and governments among all members to prevent them from victims of cybercrimes and threats that can cause untold financial and personal damage.

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“As part of this work, we are committed to providing our citizens with educational resources to improve their online safety,” it said.

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