Netflix released the trailer for “India Matchmaking”, the next unscripted dating series about the custom of “matchmaking”, following the “elite matchmaker” Sima Taparia, who is in the United States and India Matched thousands of millennials and promised to help them find “true love” and work with their parents. The Indian matchmaking trailer seems to understand the absurdities inherent in what is happening, because it points to the absurd lines and attitudes of the involved.

New features of Netflix in July

The mother and daughter sit in the room, judging by reading relevant content on paper, or providing words such as: “If he doesn’t finalize, my and I [sic] To finalize that girl for him. That is my decision. Although it’s nothing compared to Taparia’s firm belief that higher powers are involved in the process, she spouts, “If the stars are not aligned, my efforts are meaningless. “

The rest of the trailer for the matchmaking in India is made up of men and women who were embarrassed with each other when they first met, which also made things humorous. At the same time, it allows us to understand the core of the series. Taparia supplements this by pointing out the (usually good) marital status between two families in India. She likes what she does because it involves “giving happiness.”

There is no official information on who created the matchmaking in India, although Admiral IMDb lists companies such as Smriti Mundhra (a suitable girl), Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman (Leah Rimini: Scientology and Aftermath) as executive producers. people.

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This is the official feed from Netflix’s India Matchmaking:

“What happens when you are ready to meet someone but the dating app feels superficial and fails to produce the desired result? Meet the millennials who have decided it is time to look back at the past methods and seek experts.

“Over 8 episodes, the outstanding Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia has meticulously learned about her clients-from interest and ambition to in-depth astrological reading-as she guides them towards the perfect match.

“From Houston to Chicago to Mumbai, these young single men and women sometimes have fun and sometimes first dates-often with their families to find out whether these paper talks can be transformed into love that lasts a lifetime.”

The Indian matchmaking event will be broadcast on Netflix worldwide on July 16.

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