New Delhi: India to integrate its central Public procurement portalCPPP) Working with the Government Electronics Market (GeM) to further improve the buying and selling process of ministries, departments and other agencies.

According to GeM CEO Talleen KumarThe unified procurement system will integrate the entire government procurement into one platform, thereby bringing economies of scale, better price discovery and sharing of best practices.

The plan is to add more than 100 new features to the existing portal to make it more transparent as of GeM 4.0.

"It will be integrated with major platforms such as CPPP … this work will be implemented in September 2020," he added, adding that this will lead to greater involvement of the Railway and Ministry of Defense on the GeM platform.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry launched the GEM on August 9, 2016 to replace Consumables The purpose is to create an open and transparent procurement platform for common goods and services for government departments, ministries and agencies. The plan aims to streamline procurement by the central and state governments, which together total an estimated Rs 57 crore per year.

On the other hand, CPPP has been in operation since 2012 and provides a single point of access to all bidding information on various procurements across the country.

As of year 2019-20, GeM's actual purchases were approximately Rs 230 crore.

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