As BCCI announced that the Indian team will participate in the upcoming T20I series against New Zealand, there are many surprises in the lineup. There is no Virat Kohli in the team, and the Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB) player rests in the series. Rohit Sharma was appointed as the captain and KL Rahul as the deputy captain. After withdrawing from the T20 World Cup, Kohli resigned as the captain of India’s T20I. The selection staff also recruited Venkatesh Aye, Avis and Hashar Patel for the first time. These three performed well in the 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) season and their goal is to consolidate their position in the Indian T20. At the same time, considering his outstanding performance for the Kolkata Cavaliers (KKR) at IPL UAE in 2021, Ayer’s choice put Twitter into a state of collapse, as many fans called for him to participate in the T20 World Cup.

The 26-year-old player participated in 10 games during the 2021 IPL and completed 370 games. He also registered three wickets.

A fan posted an interesting question on Twitter, asking if the all-around player would be used in the middle order instead of as an opener. “The former captain has made it clear on many occasions that he regards Ishan Kishan as the opening choice for T20. How the new captain and coach treat him is a question worthy of curiosity. In addition, if Wenqi has a chance, where will he get it from? ( Bottom)) Intermediate order? I can count 5 opening remarks in this list”, the user wrote.

Iyer was KKR’s debut in the UAE, helping them to enter the final and finish runner-up.

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At the same time, another Twitter user said that the team management can train Iyer as a terminator. The fan wrote, “These guys will now train Venky Iyer as a terminator.”

One fan specifically questioned Iyer’s choice. The user reasoned: “We have too high expectations for Venky Iyer. We think he is a hitter, but I think he is not, and it will never be a terminator for me. After Sharjah and Powerplay, he used to To score a running ball, sometimes the speed is slower than that.”

Here are other reactions:

The three T20I series matches between India and New Zealand are scheduled to start on November 17. The two teams will also face each other in two test series starting on November 25th.