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of Coronavirus pandemic Many industries are rapidly changing, and the film industry is not immune. Speed ​​and Furious legend's official Twitter account announced on Thursday F9The latest movie will be postponed next year.

The ninth film in the "Speed ​​and Passion" series is set be released in theaters on May 22, with a lot of publicity around the return of past characters. Although the statement did not specifically mention the novel Coronavirus, Which means that the global audience will not be able enjoy the movie widely.

The statement said: "It is clear that all our fans around the world will not be able see this movie in May this year." F9 will now be released in April 2021. In North America, we will see the Fast series appear on the big screen on April 2.

The only trailer released for the film has quite strong movements, including large jumps, explosions, and even Pontiac Filo tied a rocket. Movie watching Van DieselHis estranged hooligan brother pursued Dominic Toretto. John Cena the muscle brother of Toretto, who happens be a performance improvement expert, a master thief, and an assassin. He hoped that Dominica would die at the command of Charlize Theron, who was moving like a vegetable.

We will have see if there are other promotions for the film, but since the new release date has passed one year, Universal Pictures is likely to save all of our merchandise as we get closer to the final release.

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