In 2020 Tesla Model Y conducted Sandy Munro's panel clearance assessment

After his thorough Dismantling Tesla Model 3, Automotive engineering veteran Sandy Munro Come back to check the stability of the latest product launch electric vehicle manufacturer: 2020 Y type. Tesla Fans don't have to worry, because his evaluation is generally positive. In other words, he found that there are many inconsistent gaps around the vehicle, which is usually a key indicator of manufacturing quality.

Munro pointed out in the presentation of the new compact crossover that some panel gaps of the crossover are larger on one side than on the other. The difference can be found around the body; from the front threshold to the rear lift door. One of the most obvious gap differences is between the taillights and the body. The gap on one side is 3.5 mm, and the gap on the other side is 6.0 mm.

began delivering Y cars in March this year, well before the 's original fall 2020 release date. This change in schedule surprised a manufacturer known for missing the deadline he set.

These are still in the early stages for Model Y, as Munro quickly pointed out in the video that Tesla is expected to solve these panel problems. Munro concluded: "For early products, this is quite good." He added that this was "a huge difference" from the manufacturing quality of the earlier Model 3 devices he checked. "It's still not as good as I expected. We usually refuel cars in North America, but for early cars, this is not bad. They will start to tune, just like I am sure the Model. 3 will start to adjust."

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'S other videos Munro's website Revealed his discovery of Model Y's suspension and nodules, as well as his initial impressions. Overall, he seems to think that Tesla is moving in the right direction. He said in an interview about the Y-type car: "It is much better than the Model 3." Bloomberg. "We found the problem, but ordinary car buyers can't even see these things."

Munro is an automotive expert with 30 years of experience in manufacturing and designing parts. he is Ford During his ten-year tenure, he started the business of Munro and Associates, which has completed the massive dismantling of hundreds of cars. At the beginning of this year, Munro was right How much may Tesla Cybertruck cost.

However, before you read his thoughts on Cybertruck, please check Munro at 2020 Tesla Model Y In the video below.

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