IIT KGP alumni, former Intel executives team up to create an app that connects creators on community platforms

IIT KGP alumni, former Intel executives team up to create an app that connects creators on community platforms - Technology Shout
IIT KGP alumni, former Intel executives up to create an app that connects creators on platforms – Technology Shout

Joynt, an application that acts as a messaging platform, helps micro creators build their own personal communities. The Bangalore-based startup was founded in August this year to help creators monetize their craft.

In a highly connected world, the best of us still cannot make a truly lasting connection. This is especially true when you want to meet inspiring and like-minded people, where you can exchange ideas or enter the creative realm.

To address this gap, the Institute of Technology-Kharagpur alumni Vijay Goel and Vivek Kumar and their friend Sagar Ramteke founded Joynt in August 2019.

The application focuses on building a community of creators from different backgrounds and bringing them to a platform to help their craftsmanship profit.

“We believe that each ‘celebrity’, who we call ourselves, has its own journey of self-exploration and struggle. While we can learn from them, they can also be inspired by conversations and voices from different stages of scale. ”

What does the app do?

Joynt acts as a messaging platform for micro creators. One person can create a chat group and interact directly with their followers. The platform even allows creators to post exclusive content and interact with their followers.

“On the app, they can bring loyal fans into an exclusive group (viewers pay for access) or they can start a free group with exclusive content, some of which will Certain prices show up, “Sagar said.

“In the proprietary section, we encourage creators to collaborations with other app members, mentor tips, their creations and products, event ticket preferences, limited or experimental merchandise, and more.”

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When the founders realized ’s creation When it is difficult for a person to own such a platform, they come together. Sagar has 15 years of experience in companies such as Sasken, Ericsson, and Intel, and also spent several years in Europe. Ijagharagpur graduate Vijay works at Fidelity Investments and has built a consumer-facing chatbot from scratch.

Vivek was a dropout from IIT-Kharagpur and later co-founded Intugine. Over the past six years, he has developed a variety of products, from gesture-based ringtones to optimized vehicle tracking solutions. He found his calling in the creative process. Pavan is a graduate of IIT-Kharagpur and was previously a software engineer at AutoNinja. He is now the CTO of Joynt.

Of inspiration and challenges

Speaking of how they came up with the idea, Sagar said: “We are building a secure communication platform, and in several social experiments, one of them started to show unexpected results. The experiment was basically designed for our The app reached out to some micro-creators and provided them with an anti-piracy platform where they can provide their fans with exclusive content.

“What they see is that only a few of these micro-creators are able to attract other platforms 20,000 users and interact with fans on a more personal level.”

With such a small user base, engagement soared to 1.4 million minutes. The conversation is real, frequent, and includes fans from all fields, not just the crowds they enter the app.

“Then, we took a step back, had a detailed conversation with these creators, analyzed our consumer habits, and then decided to push the product to today’s Jonte,” Sagar said.

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However, the team faced challenges. Sagar explained that, contrary to popular belief, nearly 90% of micro creators‘ content is offline. Therefore, the biggest challenge remains to publish everything online and convince creators that their entire lives are of great value to fans.

Sagar said: “In simple words, I may be a fan of Ranveer Singh, but my habits are always influenced by micro-creators because they are real, connectable and reachable.”

Championing micro-creators

The team released a beta version of the app in August, and the app has been downloaded 70,000 times so far. Joynt has added 20,000 monthly active users (MAU), 2,000 daily active users (DAU), and 1.4 million minutes. Joynt charges creators a fixed commission of 10%.

Today, the focus is on alternative community platforms for interacting and engaging with consumers. Despite the limited number of such platforms in India, there are other platforms in the United States like Cameo that allow fans to pay celebrities to make personalized videos. The market is still in its infancy and is limited to hardcore fans. Another platform is Escapex in Mumbai and the United States.

Speaking of their differences, Sagar added existing platforms to find creators and production companies with huge appeal. For example, most of YouTube ’s revenue is shared by the top three creators. In this case, the niche creators will remain relatively invisible and unprofitable.

“We will be the personal agents of such micro-creators and support them by providing them with a platform where they can have meaningful participation and recurring sources of revenue. We want them to focus on their craft and keep Their culture or survival, “Sagar said.

“We don’t use algorithms to tell us what matters most. We work with creators and listen to what they want to say.”

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Future plans

The young startup believes it has the ability to provide micro-creators with a more “people-oriented” system.

Speaking of funding and the future, Sagar said: “We have received pre-seed financing of $ 150,000 from Omphalos Ventures India and we are raising seed rounds for which we have received some tables of terms and conditions. Once the seed round ends Financing, we will go all out to execute the execution plan to attract a large number of paying users and continue our journey of generating revenue to enter the creator community. “


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