If a British telecommunications company violates the new law proposed on Tuesday and prohibits the use of equipment made by China’s Huawei, it may be fined 10% of its daily turnover or 10 million pounds (about 9.9 million rupees).

The government stated that the Telecommunications (Security) Act will improve the security standards of the British Telecom network and eliminate the threat of high-risk vendors.

Fearing that US sanctions on chip technology meant that Chinese companies would not become reliable suppliers, the UK decided in July to ban the use of Huawei in 5G networks from the end of 2027.

The aims to reflect this legal decision and manage any risks brought by other high-risk suppliers in the future, and impose severe penalties on telecommunications companies that violate the rules.

Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden (Oliver Dowden) said that only 5G and fiber optic networks are safe and reliable to realize their .

He said: “This groundbreaking bill will make the UK one of the most stringent telecommunications security systems in the world and enable us to take the necessary actions to protect our networks.”

Huawei expressed at the government’s attempts to exclude it from the 5G rollout.

Vice President Victor Zhang said: “This decision motivated by politics, not based on a assessment of risks.”

“This is not in anyone’s best interest because it will put the UK in the slow lane of numbers and may endanger the government’s escalation agenda.”

The government said the stricter security standards in the bill will also help protect the UK from potential cyber from the country and criminals.

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The regulator Ofcom will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the security of telecommunications providers.

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