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of Iberdrola – PERSEO International Entrepreneurship Program The aim is to promote the group’s access to future technologies and to promote the creation and development of a global dynamic ecosystem of power companies and technology companies and entrepreneurs.

Through PERSEO, Iberdrola, a global leader in renewable energy, provides investor support and expertise for startups, a foundation of 30 million supply points and an installed capacity of over 52 GW. In this way, it helps to develop and promote innovative corporate structures in the energy sector.

This time, Iberdrola is looking for a that can help: Improve wind monitoring system, They are particularly interested in solutions that can be implemented quickly, easily and cheaply in their earlier wind farms.

Improve wind turbine monitoring

Wind turbine monitoring systems and their associated electrical infrastructure are key factors in extending the life of equipment because they collect large amounts of data to develop diagnostic and predictive models. Moreover, such a system makes it possible to transition from corrective or planned maintenance to a maintenance plan based on early detection of equipment conditions and faults.

The important components of these monitoring systems are sensors and monitoring systems, which are used to measure various parameters related to turbine components. These sensors are input into the turbine control and warning system and the diagnostic system. By collecting and analyzing data over time, certain models will self-exhibit, thereby providing opportunities for improving operational efficiency.

Why your startup should participate

The prizes provided by the challenge winners include Sign cooperation and testing agreements Iberdrola group companies related to PERSEO and/or any other. This will include:

  • Iberdrola will bear the cost of cooperation And test items
  • Provide the necessary things for the winner Technical support to test the proposed , Can access equipment, appliances, infrastructure, high-tech sites and joint work areas
  • For the winner Test the solution real environment and real data
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If the pilot project is satisfactory, Iberdrola can provide start-ups or participants opportunities to expand solutions through commercial agreements.

In addition, Iberdrola’s investment department, PERSEO, may consider investing in the winner of the challenge.

Who should challenge

Both individuals and teams are eligible to apply to initiate challenges.

Startups and proposals must fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Innovative sensors and systems Monitoring the components of the drive system:
    • Main bearing and multiplier
    • Shock sensor
    • Axle torque measuring sensor
    • Accelerometers (including those that can enter the planetary gear train in the multiplier)
  • Wireless sensor Measuring gear tooth wear and more
  • wireless Sound sensor
  • Innovative system Monitoring of component damage Inside the rotor
  • Low-cost wireless sensor Measuring the temperature of the rotor bearings
  • Low-cost wireless sensor Monitor basic structural behavior By capturing tilt, tension and low frequency vibration (<100 Hz)

Leading the development of sustainable energy technologies

Iberdrola – Most of PERSEO’s start-up plans focus on technical and business models that improve the sustainability of energy models by increasing electrification and economic decarbonization.

BERSEO, Iberdrola responds to various startup challenges to innovative solutions that can provide valuable improvements to its operations and are also environmentally sustainable. The most recent challenge is to protect birds on the grid, which is an international call to find innovative solutions to allow overhead lines to coexist with surrounding flora and fauna.

Join Iberdrola’s wind turbine monitoring challenges, Please apply before August 31!


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