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India’s substitute goalkeeper batsman KS Bharat said that on the third day of Saturday’s test against New Zealand, he was asked to stand behind the stump and he only had 12 minutes to prepare. An experienced first-class cricket player, Bharat, who has been a regular visitor to the Indian A team for the past three years, a few minutes before the start of the third day, after veteran goalkeeper and batsman Wriddhiman Saha complained of a stiff neck, he Asked to keep the stump. KS Bharat said in a video posted on BCCI TV: “I am doing my morning routine, and the support staff tells me to prepare. I only have 12 minutes to prepare for the game.”

After the game of the day, Bharat was talking with the spinning duo of Axar Patel and Ravichandran Ashwin. Bharat described himself well on a court with variable bounce, the strange ball was kept in a very low position, and one or two climbed from the scene.

The 28-year-old received two very different catches and produced a clever reflex trip, which could make mistakes due to uneven bounces.

Bharat first seized Wil Young’s weak advantage, who maintained a low to make a breakthrough, and then defeated Rothteller with another wonderful catch.

Speaking of Ashwin bowling’s Young being fired, Ballat said: “I know the ball has been kept low when I walk in, so the best chance is to be behind the ball and make constant adjustments.”

Patel also talked about dismissing Tom Blundell.

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“Tom plays defense, so I switched to low-arm bowling. This type of pitching doesn’t give the batter time to prepare anything. I just got him,” Patel said.


On the stump on day 3, India led 14 points and 63 points, with Cheteshwar Pujara (9) and Mayank Agarwal (4) leading.

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