The company has taken many steps to ensure that its employees remain as secure as possible while continuing to help answer customer calls and inquiries. This includes providing the ability to work remotely where possible and ensuring strict social grooming and sanitation measures for sites that need to remain open.

Virgin Media said it would continue to closely monitor the situation in the coming weeks and create jobs if necessary.

People can

According to Virgin Media, downstream traffic increased by about 50% during the day, but was still below peak levels in the evening. As people participate in video conferences, collaborate on stored in the cloud, and more, upstream traffic [including traffic sent by customers via video calls] increases by as much as 95% during the day.

The number and duration of landline telephones have also greatly increased. The number of minutes of voice calls has increased by 80% per week, peaking at 10 am, and about 2.5 million calls per hour.

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