, former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Sanders will meet on stage for the eleventh in the 2020 election season, but never Nothing like now. We entered a state of emergency within a few days Coronavirus pandemic It spread rapidly across the country. This is the first that two people have faced each other in such a debate. After spending months describing him as a weak man, Biden is now a highly respected candidate for the Democratic presidential candidate.

The debate tonight starts with 8 PM EST [5 PM Pacific Time], Hosted by CNN and Univision.

Who is debating who

Since Final debateThe event was held last month before the South Carolina primaries, with seven candidates on stage. Subsequently, Biden won the South Carolina championship in an amazing way and maintained the momentum, taking the leading representative title after Super Tuesday and continuing to win in major states such as Michigan last week. Now, with the exception of Sanders and representative Tulsi Gabbard, all other candidates have withdrawn.

As of Sunday, no one was surprised, only Biden and Sanders were eligible to participate in the debate, and so far they have each reached at least 20% of the total number of pledged representatives. Determined by the Democratic National Committee. Although Sanders lags behind Biden in the number of delegates [890 to 736], he said in a speech after Tuesday's primaries that he will continue to play and look forward to Biden some problems tonight.

, the number one topic in everyone's minds is of course the new coronavirus, the readiness or lack of readiness of the US healthcare system. From candidate cancellations to states such as Louisiana and Georgia delaying upcoming primaries, the pandemic not only dominates the news, but also directly affects the . [Four primary states this Tuesday-Arizona, Illinois, Florida and Ohio-Already indicated They will continue as planned. ]

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Sanders largely defined his candidacy on Medicare for All as a solution to the dysfunction in the health care system. Biden's vision of his post-Trump White House leadership can be traced back to the relatively normal state of the Obama era and his own vice presidential position, but it is far less transformative than Sanders' platform. For millions of Democratic voters, this moderation is key to Biden's appeal. However, for Sanders and his supporters, returning to the status quo still leaves too many Americans behind.

So far, no debate organizer has mentioned focusing only tonight's issues on health care and related topics. But maybe they should. The epidemic is a mirror of its spreading society, and many Americans are facing historic disruptions in life. One of the challenges facing the United States today is how to protect its most vulnerable: who will be tested and who can afford treatment? Who can work from home or get paid sick leave, and who can't? Who might be hungry or lose their home? It's time to seriously discuss policies and choices, a matter of life and death for thousands of Americans.

How to watch

Unlike the presidential debate, which is broadcast simultaneously on all major networks, for any party, the main debate takes place in a rotating lineup of news organizations. CNN and Univision co-sponsored the 11th major Democratic debate with CHC Bold PAC, which is related to the Hispanic Panel of Congress.

Debate was scheduled to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, but DNC ​​Thursday Announce For prudence and reduced travel, it should be held at CNN's studio in Washington, DC. There will also be no live audience.

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