During the coronavirus pandemic, virtual meetings have become increasingly necessary. Although people only wanted to meet with customers offline a few months ago, many professionals now choose online solutions to keep in touch due to the global blockade. At the same time, many schools and educational institutions have begun to use video conferencing applications to make virtual connections with students. Scaling has become one of the popular solutions for video conferencing. One of the reasons for its popularity is cross-platform support. However, Zoom also provides some features, such as the ability to join a meeting via a web browser and share the screen with up to 100 participants. All of this makes it a compelling alternative to the likes of Google Hangouts Meet and Microsoft Teams.

The zoom function is suitable for mobile and desktop users. Participants can also connect to their Zoom meeting host directly from a web browser. In addition, using the “Zoom” application, you can add up to 100 participants to a meeting, and using the “large meeting” add-on, this number can be further increased to 500 members. Of course, in the recent past, people have raised some privacy issues that have affected the growing success of the Zoom application on a global scale. However, the development team claims to have begun to go all out to improve privacy. This may eventually make Zoom a more powerful solution for virtual meetings.

Having said that, you may just want to know how to start with Zoom. So here, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the Zoom app on the desktop. To simplify your work, we provide steps for Windows and Mac devices. Before starting to use our tutorial, you can also download the latest Zoom client directly from the official website.

How to use zoom

logging in, you can join the Zoom meeting on Windows or Mac.

  1. Start the Zoom application on the computer.

  2. Now, press Attend a meeting Buttons on the default screen.

  3. A pop-up screen will appear, asking you to enter the meeting ID or personal link name to join the meeting. You can also change the name from this screen and enable or disable options to connect to audio and display video.

  4. You now need to press Join Click the button on the screen to join the meeting.

Zoom also allows users to join meetings from a web browser without downloading the meeting application on the computer. So, in this case, all you need to do is to open the given link of the meeting, and your browser will display a page where you will find one Join via browser link. Then you will get a screen where you can join the meeting by simply entering the name. It’s important to note that the host provided a “Join from Browser” link, and this link does not apply to all meetings.

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If you have a Zoom account, you can follow the steps below to join a Zoom meeting. Logging in can provide you with more choices.

  1. Start the Zoom application on the computer.
  2. Now, click Sign in Button to log in with your existing account. You can also press free registration The link is available on the “Login” screen. Alternatively, you can use your existing single sign-on (SSO) credentials, or you can use an existing Google or Facebook account.
  3. logging in, you can click Join Tap the button from the main screen.

A pop-up window will appear on the screen, asking you to enter the meeting ID or personal link name. You can also add your name on this screen, which will be visible to the host and other participants of the meeting. In addition, you can turn off the video or audio by clicking the checkbox provided.
The app will now connect you to the meeting.

How to host a Zoom meeting on Windows or MacZoom new meeting screen widget 360 zoom

The following are the steps to quickly hold a Zoom meeting on the desktop.

  1. Start the Zoom application on the computer.
  2. Now, click Sign in Button in case you are not logged in yet.
  3. You will get the home screen from where you need to click. New meeting Button. You can also disable the video by clicking the down icon below the “New Meeting” button.
  4. clicking the button, “Zoom” will load a screen that will provide you with detailed information, such as meeting subject, host name, password, phone and conference room system digital password, invitation URL and participant ID. You can also invite others from the same screen. Similarly, there will be an option to share the screen.
  5. the meeting, you can click meeting dismiss Button to end it. A dialog box will pop up on the screen where you can click Everyone ends the meeting Terminate all participants. You can also end the meeting and press Leave the meeting The button in the pop-up dialog box. This will allow the conversation between the participants to continue and you can log out.
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At any time during the meeting, you can also record your conversation or chat with participants. The app also provides controls to mute audio or disable video when hosting a meeting. In addition, you will be able to view the number of participants in the meeting directly from the host screen.

How to schedule Zoom meetings on Windows and MacZoom plan meeting screen widget 360 zoom

  1. Start the Zoom application on the computer.
  2. Use your existing credentials to log in to the app or create a new account.
  3. Now you will need to click from the main screen schedule Button to schedule a meeting.
  4. The application will display a pop-up screen that allows you to enter the of the scheduled meeting, select the appropriate date and time, create a password, and select options to enable or disable the meeting for phone or computer users.
  5. filling in all the details, you can choose to set up iCal, Google Calendar or other calendar invitations.
  6. Now you need to press schedule Button to schedule your meeting.
  7. The meeting you schedule will be displayed on the main screen of the Zoom app. You can also view all upcoming meetings or access the records of existing meetings by going to Conference meeting label.

To simplify the experience, Zoom also has browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These extensions are useful for scheduling a zoom meeting without using native applications. However, you still need to use the application to participate in existing meetings or host new meetings.

Zoom can be downloaded for free, although the free basic plan has a 40-minute limit for group meetings. However, you can host group meetings of up to 100 people, and you can host unlimited one-to-one meetings. If you want more, you can adopt the Pro plan, which increases the meeting duration limit to 24 hours and includes management controls and features, such as custom personal meeting ID and user management, for $14.99 per host per month (About 1100 rupees). Zoom has also developed commercial and enterprise plans to enhance usage. The latter allows you to add up to 500 participants without using the Large Meeting add-on required for the Pro and Business plans.

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