What's wrong and how can i the new one Galaxy S20, S20 + Either ultra After putting a SIM card in one or two of them? Things didn't work as you did on the S10 or S9, there was a panic, you just press and hold the power button to turn on Bixby every time, then hold it down. that 10 remember this feeling, but we digress.

That's because this time is different. We know they shared the same view on the last economic crisis until Corona Virus hit the stock immediately after reaching a record bubble, but it is really new to the S-line. The default setting of the power key is to lock / unlock the S20, S20 + or S20 Ultra when pressed shortly, then start Bixby when pressed long.
This is to restart, shut down or hard your key combination Galaxy S20, Plus or Ultra:
  1. Press the power button and the volume down button as if taking a screenshot, but it takes longer [about one second].
  2. Click the power icon or drop down the status bar in the AoD panel to go to the same .
  3. Go to "Settings"> "Advanced Features"> "Side Keys" and the shutdown / restart key of the Galaxy S20.
  4. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button for 7 seconds to reset the S20 to the restored state.

As you can see, this time is really different. Just press and hold the power button on the Galaxy S20, Plus or Ultra to produce Bixby results, so you need to operate as you would on the Note 10 series. Now you can finally use the installed SIM cards [yes, they don't log in to the network automatically like many other brands].

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