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In this net-savvy world, everything is turning to be digital. From bride hunting to online dating and everything in between, every little detail works on the virtual space. So, why stick to the stereotype method of invitation cards? How about exciting your guests by sending them stunning video invites instead of boring paper cards? Isn’t it an impressive idea that will WOW your guests? 

How to make the ideal Invitation video?

Making an appealing video invite that can hook the receivers is not so easy. It takes a lot of time, patience, and knowledge of the right steps to create a captivating e-invite. Here is the step-by-step guide to cracking the perfect video invite for your next event. 

Select the style

When planning to create a video invite, your first consideration should be your event’s style/theme. Visit an online slideshow maker, and choose a template that can set the tone and reflect your shindig theme. When you visit a pro video maker, you are sure to spoil by the sheer choices and by experiencing an array of options like Save the date, Wedding Invite, Silver jubilee invite, Birthday bash, etc. 

Spin a story

What can be better to make your invite enticing than to spin a story around it? Go a step beyond the usual details of the event.  Add a personal touch to the invitation by sharing some memorable moments of life depending on the event. For instance, if it is a wedding invite, narrate the story of your romantic relationship, how you met, when you met, etc. 

Make your guests a part of e-invite

Whether it is a birthday bash, a retirement party, a wedding, a bachelor party, or any such event, the party is all about the guests. So, delight them with a memorable invite that they will to cherish and not fly away like a paper plane. Shower them with the attention they deserve by giving them a little space in your invite. You can mention their names or add their pictures in the invite, if possible. Go ahead, your kind gesture of honoring them will go a long way in making them feel proud and pleased. 

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Spark it up with video clips

There is no better way to add oomph to your e-invite than integrating some video clips to it. While choosing the video clips, make sure they resonate with the theme of the event. 

Personalize it with photos

The easiest way to create engaging video invites and connect with your invitees is to add speaking snaps to it. Click candid shots, or pick some memorable ones from your collection to make your video invite look thoroughly appealing. You can add a small blooper to each of the photos telling the memory associated with them. 

Use touchy text

The proper use of text can make a big difference to the look and feel of your video. Make the smart use of text that can give your guests the details of your event and make them feel privileged too. 

  • Start with a welcome note like “Join us to celebrate,” “You’re invited,” “Bless the new-wed, newborn,” etc. 
  • Follow up with the event title like “Junko’s 1st Birthday bash,” “Bridal Shower Brunch,” “Anniversary Extravaganza,” and so on.
  • Close it with the rest of the essential details like event’s day, date, time, venue, etc. 

Text is a way to inform your guests about all the essential details of the event in advance to not feel awkward after reaching the event. For instance, mention the dress code and themes of the event, if any, give a humble note if kids and pets are not allowed, and so on. So don’t forget to talk about such details in the video invite. 

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Also, make sure to choose the right font style for your invite as per your invite’s style. For instance, if you are going for the traditional invite, choose the classic fonts in italics. If it is a comic invite, stick to the distressed fonts with a flyer or informal look.

Level up with the music

Now, as you have chosen the theme, text, photos, and clips for your video invite, it is time to set the mood by integrating the right kind of music to it. Musical invites have grabbed immense popularity at present. Hence, by just integrating the right kind of music track to the video, you can level up the overall of the e-invite. Sit back, explore the library of pre-recorded music tracks, and pick your favorite one to add the right pace to the video’s flow. 

Go gaga with graphics

A video invite will look monotonous without the right use of compelling graphics. It is good to animate a few clips and use the theme colors to make things look lively. But honestly telling, this job is best left to a professional video invitation maker who can recognize that subtle line difference between too much and perfect. For instance, a stark purple aura over the bride’s head does not give the same appeal of nostalgia as a hazy violet backdrop for the blissful couple.

Add finishing touches   

Lastly, it is time to give the finishing touch to the video invite. Close the video with some captivating text, loving photo, hilarious video clip, or anything that can make your guests smile. For instance, if your loving kid’s birthday party, an adorable video clip of your child giggling, will look at the end of the video. 

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Is the birthday of your little boy/girl coming up? Is the big day of your life just around the corner? Are you planning to throw a big party shortly? Whatever the occasion, ditch the idea of sending snail mails or traditional cards, and excite your guests with stunning video invites. They are far more personal than a WhatsApp message or a post, so go ahead and impress attendees with personalized video invites.