2019 Toyota Sienna

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Editor's note: The car seat checklist was written in 2019, regarding 2019 Toyota Sienna. This year's model has hardly changed substantially. What to see New features in 2020 Or check out Compare side by side Two model years.

2019 Toyota Sienna is good at pulling a big family with All their stuff, including children sitting in car seats, usually takes up a lot of space. For this car seat inspection, we tested the all-wheel-drive SE Premium model with the second-row captain's chair, and all of our car seats have enough space. Sienna also provides a second row of benches, which can increase its occupancy to eight people.

can Fits three car seats? No

In our 2019 Toyota Sienna car seat inspection, look at the latch system and how each car seat scores below.

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A grade

  • Latches: In the second row, the two sets of anchors on the captain's chair are fixed about 1.5 inches in the seat ring, but the leather seat cushion is quite easy to remove. There are two top tethers at the bottom of the backrest. Their location makes them easy to miss.
  • baby: After tilting Sienna's seat to reveal the Latch anchor point, the car seat can be easily installed. The front passenger, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, has enough legroom.
  • Rear convertible: Again, we have no installation or installation issues.
  • Booster: After removing the headrest in the second row, the booster will be well fixed. The seat belt buckle is located on a stable base, which should make it easier for children to grasp.
  • Third line entry: The second row of seats folds up and slides forward to form a spacious walkway leading to the third row. The space between the captain ’s chair is also large enough for adults to step on it.
  • Forward convertible in the third row: With the easy access to the Latch anchor, installation is very easy. We can easily find and use the tether anchor on the top of the third row.

Class B

  • Forward convertible: In the second row, after we removed the head restraint, the seat was easy to install and well fixed, but because the top tether anchor was too far from the seat back to be easily overlooked, the seat lost its slope .
  • The third row of latches: There are two sets of anchors on the third row of benches. One is outboard. The other awkwardly crossed the remaining two seats and occupied the two seats. The two top tethers in the third row are clearly marked and easy to use.
  • The third row of boosters: The booster is perfect for the third row, and the seat back can be reclined to provide a better fit. The seat belt buckle in the middle and an outside position has a soft buckle, which may make it difficult for children to grasp and use. The other outside seat has a stable buckle.

Class C

Grading scale

Solid indicates A grade, which means the best ease of use and fit. Generally indicates that one or two questions of ease of use or suitability are grade B or C. Skip indicates D or F level.

A: There is enough space to accommodate car seats and children; it will not affect the leg space of the driver or front passenger. Easy to find and connect to latches and tether anchors. There is no problem with the fit of the headrest or seat contour. Enter the third line easily.

B: One room, fit or connection problem. Some problems occurred while visiting the third line.

C: Marginal space plus a fit or connection problem. It is difficult to access the third row when available.

D: Insufficient room space, coupled with multiple coordination or connection issues.

F: Not suitable or safe.

About Cars.com's car seat inspection

Editors Jennifer Geiger, Jennifer Newman and Matt Schmitz are certified child safety seat installation technicians.

For car seat inspection, we use Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 infant car seat, one Britax Marathon convertible seats and Graco TurboBooster seats. The front seats have been adjusted to suit 6-foot-high drivers and shorter passengers. Three child seats are in the second row. The booster seat is located behind the driver's seat, and the infant seat and convertible seat are installed behind the front passenger seat.

We also the front convertible in the middle seat in the second row, and the booster and baby seat in the outer seats to see if Three car seats fit; Children sitting in raised seats must be able to reach the seat belt buckle. If there is a third row, we will install raised seats and a forward convertible. Learn more about How do we conduct car seat inspection.

Parents should also remember that they can use the latch system or Install the seat belt of the car seat, And the weight of the Latch anchor is limited to 65 pounds, including the weight of the child and the weight of the seat itself.

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