Netflix has introduced a new offline viewing feature that lets you download movies and shows to your mobile device and watch them even if you don’t have access. However, this feature is not available on all devices and has some limitations. Here’s how to download Netflix shows and movies, plus everything else you need to know about the new Netflix video download feature.

How to download Netflix shows and movies
If a Netflix movie or TV show is available for offline viewing, you’ll see a download icon on its details page. Just click it, wait for the download to complete, and your Netflix content is ready to watch offline.

Netflix downloads are only available for mobile devices
The option to download Netflix shows and movies is currently only available on mobile devices. This means you only download Netflix shows and movies on Android and iOS-powered smartphones and tablets. However, you can’t download Netflix shows and movies to your PC from a browser or dedicated macOS or Windows Store apps.

Netflix download feature does not cover the entire catalog
The option to download Netflix shows and movies won’t let you take everything offline. In addition to original shows, only some TV shows and movies are covered by Netflix’s download feature. Since this feature covers some non-original movies and shows, it may expand to more titles over time.

Netflix download feature has its own tab
In the application menu (accessible by tapping the hamburger icon in the upper left corner), you’ll see two tabs dedicated to the Netflix download feature. The My Downloads tab is where all the videos you take offline with the Netflix download feature are located. The other is the Available for Downloads tab, which shows you a list of movies and TV shows that you download.

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You may have too many Netflix videos to download
When downloading Netflix videos, you may sometimes receive a message saying “You have too many downloads.” On its support page, Netflix states that it occurs when “you have exceeded the maximum number of simultaneous downloads under the same license agreement. This issue. Our content is often licensed in bundles from various studios and publishers. In some cases, there may be a limit to the number of titles within the same agreement that you download at the same time. Only if required by our license agreement We will only enforce these restrictions if we do so.”

You delete some downloaded Netflix videos to take more offline.

You can’t share downloaded Netflix videos with your friends
Videos taken offline via the Netflix download feature cannot be shared with others, even if they are also using the service. These files do not appear in the phone’s file system, nor when the phone is connected to the desktop.

Downloaded videos are only available in the Netflix app
Your offline movies and TV shows only be on the Netflix app, not in your device’s default video player or third-party apps.

Can’t play Netflix downloads on TV with Chromecast
That’s bad news for those looking to cast downloaded Netflix videos to their TVs via Chromecast. The new feature doesn’t you to do this. To make matters worse, the downloaded Netflix video becomes the default video, so even if you want to stream the video at home by searching and choosing to stream, the Netflix app will still choose the downloaded video, which is a throw you can’t do. To stream again, you need to delete the downloaded file.

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You pause Netflix downloads, but not prioritize downloads
Picture this: You start downloading an episode of Arrested Development, but then you decide to pause your previous download and start downloading something else. Netflix won’t let you do this! You can’t prioritize Netflix downloads; instead, you have to wait for the first download to finish before other videos (which you might want to watch first) begin downloading. Pausing downloads will pause all downloads, you cannot select just one video download to pause.

A workaround is to cancel the video download and start it later, but Netflix will start the download from the beginning. All data saved from the first download attempt will be lost.