Launching your own blog and attracting traffic will be a difficult enough task. That’s because you’ll need to do a lot of work in marketing as well as fill your new pages with top-quality content. Therefore, you should do your best to avoid any technical issues with the website. Those could be a big and they might ruin all efforts and investments you make in SEO. Choosing your WordPress hosting wisely is one of the most important steps that will help you avoid such problems. There are many great and affordable WordPress hosting options available today. So, all you have to do is decide exactly what you need so you can pick the provider that meets your requirements best.

Is Cheap WordPress Hosting Bad?

There is a common belief that cheap means bad when it comes to web services. However, being affordable is one of the cornerstones of the WordPress platform. It’s true that you can get some top-quality services that are very expensive and exclusive and they will make your website unique. There is no denying that a site built by professionals and with a dedicated hosting will look fantastic and perform even better in terms of stability and loading speed.

That said, none of that denies the fact that you can build and maintain a perfectly functional WordPress blog for about $100 a year (hosting included).

This website won’t be as fast, but a beginner blog hardly needs to have unlimited broadband. What it does need is stability and efficiency, and you can get both even with the cheapest WordPress hosting. As long as the provider is trustworthy and guarantees security and good website performance, you can be sure your website is good to go.

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Today, there are quite a few hosting companies that specialize in this type of services. Top names among them are Bluehost, Hostinger, 1&1 IONOS, and HostArmada.

How to Choose the Best Cheap WordPress Hosting?

Check tech requirements and compatibility

First of all, you need to understand whether the hosting is compatible with WordPress. To do this, check WordPress requirements. At the moment, they include:

  • PHP version 7.4 or above
  • HTTPS support
  • MySQL version 5.6 or above OR MariaDB version 10.1 or above

You need to make sure that the hosting meets these basic requirements. If not, it’s not suitable for a WordPress website by default.

Evaluate hosting performance

High uptime guarantee is a must for a good hosting. Stability of performance is the most important requirement for a server. After all, downtime always loses you money, even as a small blog.

Unfortunately, even top businesses, like Amazon, aren’t immune to technical issues that cause their servers to crash. Cheap hosting providers are more vulnerable in this regard. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor website uptime when evaluating your host. You can use one of the free online monitors to do it. Your goal is to get as close as possible to 99.9%.

Getting results below 90% is a sign you should change your hosting service post haste. With such a high of downtime, you won’t be able to promote your blog effectively and keep your subscribers.

Plan for scalability

A blog is a business, and like all other online businesses it needs a growth strategy. Once your blog starts to attract more traffic, you will need both more storage space and bandwidth from your hosting provider. Therefore, you need to make sure you are able to get it by changing your subscription package.

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Also, bear in mind hosting types so you can switch to a more suitable deal when necessary.

  • Shared hosting.
    This type of hosting will have your website share a server with other sites. This is the cheapest type and least secure. Therefore, you should only use it when you can’t afford a better deal. Remember that these hosting packages often offer unlimited resources, but this isn’t true. You need to study the terms and conditions of the deal very thoroughly to understand exactly what usage restrictions you will have with your shared hosting.
  • VPS hosting.
    This type of hosting provides you with a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It’s still on the same physical server as some other websites. However, they are separated into virtual machines, which means a higher level of partitioning. This type is more secure, reliable, and offers a greater resource capability to your website. This hosting is best suited for medium-sized blogs.
  • Dedicated hosting.
    This is the most expensive type of hosting which, basically, provides you with a dedicated server of your own. This type is the best you can get in terms of performance and security. However, these advantages are unnecessary to beginner blogs. Therefore, you don’t need to pay more as you won’t be able to benefit from the advantages regardless.

Remember security

Having your website hacked through a site with weaker security, which resides on the same server is a great risk. That’s why you need to study the security used by the hosting company in detail. HTTPS support is not enough, so study what security certificates hosting has and what guarantees it offers.

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Cheap hosting will have more security risks, but this isn’t a deal-breaking vulnerability. However, you will need to remember to protect your website with additional web security WordPress plugins.

Evaluate customer support

Having good customer and tech support services is important for a hosting provider. You will definitely need some guidance with cheap hosting as it’s mostly used by beginners. Therefore, you should choose a company that will provide this guidance at no cost.

You can get some idea about the quality of support offered y studying hosting reviews. Look into both professional reviews and consumer opinion forums, like TrustPilot.

In Conclusion: Don’t Let Anything Stop You with a WordPress Website

Don’t let money stop you from starting an internet project today. There are many great services, hosting included, which are reliable and affordable at the same time. To find them, you’ll need to do some research and make sure that the company is trustworthy. Don’t fall for the cheapest offer right away. You should always -check by studying a variety of hosting reviews.