Foundation is the Apple TV+ series that on September 24 and has made a number of changes its adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s books. These include the creation of a genetic dynasty to rule the Galactic Empire. Emperor Creon I-he appeared briefly in the book-decided to clone himself over and over again so that he could rule the galaxy forever. At any time, three Cleon clones exist to guide each other and cultivate the next era. There is the youngest dawn, the ruler’s day in the middle, and the oldest twilight. Why did David S. Goyer, creator of the Foundation series, decide to use this plot device?

“This is a perfect example of how we adapted,” Goyer said at a video conference press conference last week. “In the book, empires exist in 10,000 worlds for more than 10,000 years. They are powerful, and they resist change. They are rigid, so I try think about what the vision is? What is the theme? What is Asimov talking about? How do I embody this in my character? “A person clones himself over and over again and imposes his self on the entire galaxy. “

How Apple’s Foundation series updated Asimov’s books for today’s world

“It was a plot device, and it took me all kinds of wonderful role moments. I was with Cleons because they were all—in some ways, this show was also a show about heritage—want for personalization, and they all Desire to leave their mark on the galaxy, and the tragedy is that they all lived in the shadow of Creon I. So even if they are monsters, it allows me to tell some stories, and it may also make the audience resonate with them.”

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Lee Pace has developed the habit of acting as an immortal or mad ruler-he is Thranduil, the elf king in the Hobbit trilogy, and Ronan the accuser Guardians of the Galaxy -The role of the article Brothers Day. Cleon clones call each other brothers, even if they are the same person. Pace studied various rulers in real life, from Roman emperors Incas to Chinese dynasties. His favorite is Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia.

“I’m not really playing a man, I’m playing a series of men who inherited the role of the emperor of the galaxy at some point in their lives. This is an absurd idea that one person can control. The entire galaxy has trillions of people. The power of life and death controls which planets prosper and which planets suffer,” Pace said. “So, when dealing with a character that is absurdly abstract like that, I want bring different opinions to it.

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Cooper Carter as Dawn, Li Pais as Day, and Terrence Man as Twilight Foundation
Image Credit: Helen Sloan/Apple

“Doing research is one of my favorite things do as an actor. I obviously saw the Roman emperor who inspired Isaac Asimov to write this story. But I have also seen Chinese dynasties. I looked at the Incas, The emperor is basically a god to them. I read very well. [Ryszard] Books by Kapuściński Emperor, About Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia. I found him particularly interesting and watched him in one of the emperors I played this season. “

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Pace added: “I think this riddle about inherited power is very interesting, not the position of God they have.” “These people are approaching it. I really want an actor approach a character. This is Day watching Dawn. He was the youngest in the dynasty, and I said, “This is a line, this is a block. This is the costume you will wear. For the safety of the galaxy, you must be exactly like me, and your behavior will be exactly the same as mine. Once you inherit With this extraordinary power, you are the same copy of me.

“And I believe he looked at the outgoing emperor Dusk and said,’You made a lot of mistakes here. Now that I have power, I will do the right thing. I will become stronger; I will be brave. It will be more fair; I will stand out in this series of clones. This is a contradictory idea. When the belief is, the illusion is that they are the same person.”

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Some Foundation fans may be upset about these changes, but Pace doesn’t care too much. He believes they respect the book, but the Apple TV+ series is its own thing-after all, it does not mean a line-by-line adaptation.

“I think everything I bring is correct, nothing is correct,” Pace said. “This show is not a book report. We are not saying “this is the foundation” page by page. We respect it. I think this is a kind of respect for Isaac Asimov, It was also the door he opened to many writers Ursula K. Le Guin, [Frank Herbert’s] Sand dunes, and [Dan Simmons’] Hyperion. I have read too many science fiction novels. So, I’m using this role to cast a very extensive network, David Goyer (David Goyer) to edit me and keep me consistent. “

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Foundation premiered on Apple TV+ worldwide on September 24.