how much do influencers get paid an exec who runs a database of 12000 creators details the average sponsored post rates for various follower counts

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  • Negotiations between influencers and brands on the price of sponsored content [for social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok] are constantly changing.
  • Marie Mostad, who co-founded the influencer market with her business partner Mats Lyngstad, manages a database of 12,000 influencers.
  • Mostad provided Business Insider with a market overview and segmented the income of influencers to sponsorship , depending on the number of followers and the quality of their content.
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When it comes to how much brand fees creators should charge for sponsored positions, the influencer marketing industry remains relatively opaque.

Some creators Earn a fixed fee For each post, regardless of engagement or page views. Other charges Per view Or when the user performs a specific action [for example, Download the application.

Finding the right price may depend on many factors, but audience size and content quality are key factors, says Marie Mostad, co-founded with influencer marketing and its business partner Mats Lyngstad . The company operates a global database of 12,000 influencers.

Although the company has different goals for each influencer marketing campaign, whether it's brand awareness or actual conversions, Mostad says she usually recommends hiring Micro influencers and macro influencers.

"In general, my advice is to attract a pair of stars with a large number of followers, and then choose a few influencers with fewer followers and really great content."

Mostad told Business Insider that there are 41,000 follower influencers in the database, and sponsored positions earn between $ 500 and $ 1,000.

She said that with 500,000 followers can earn $ 5,000 from sponsorship positions as long as their content is of high quality and engagement.

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She says influencers with 1 or more followers can charge $ 20,000 for a single post.

The number of followers is important, but influencers need to build their audience organically instead of buying fake followers

The number of followers is a key indicator in determining the price of a sponsored position, but Mostad said that buying fake followers could damage the reputation of influencers and hurt their chances of winning future business from the brand.

Her company is one of several technology platforms that works with advertising agencies and brands to screen influencer accounts that impersonate fans. looks at the sudden increase in comment likes, engagement, and number of followers of an account to identify bad behavior.

"The only overriding indicator that someone has a fake follower is the peak of their follower growth," she said. "But it could also come from a TV show or they have been in the news, so that's what we have to The reason for the investigation. "

Some brands and marketers Ask influencers to provide more indicators to measure actual engagement, Including user reviews, likes and saves.

Content is key, especially for influencers with few followers

Mostad said that for influencers with less than 100,000 followers, generating high-quality content to get brand deals is very important.

"More and more brands are interested in the long tail of influential people," she said. "Micro influencers with less than 100,000 followers have very dedicated and loyal audiences. These profiles attract a niche Market, and their followers are very concerned about what they post. "

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She added: "For influential people to market, there must be a very close match between the brand and the influential people."

Mostad recommends that influencers respond to messages and comments from their followers to increase user loyalty and gradually increase the participation rate of their accounts.

"It's important to increase your followers over time," she said. "Be patient. I would say there are no shortcuts."

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