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Changing the way workers work by investigating a pandemic, Jacky Carter, Group Digital Engagement Director Hayes Talent Solutions Discussed how the currently implemented work life changes may become the next “new normal”.

After COVID-19 is released, will everyone continue to work from home?

Those of us are fortunate to have Work that can be done at home We have to reconsider our work and life in recent weeks and months, and work closely with our team to adopt new technologies and processes so that we can keep our business running in new ways.

Although many people already have the opportunity to work remotely, for most of us, it is only an occasional one. However, with our in-depth understanding of the crisis, more and more organizations have to establish an infrastructure and operational framework to enable a larger percentage of employees to continue to work in this way. An interesting question is, how many of these changes will become permanent?

Of course, the idea of ​​working from home is not a new concept in itself-the report shows that “remote work” has Up to 173% Since 2005-presumably related to technology, innovation and communication improvements. As a result, more than half of employees (56%) are now able to do work at least at home.

Overall, people welcome this – in fact, this is 2019 Owl Lab The report found that at least 80% of employees want to work at home some time before the crisis. In fact, flexibility is one of the most important job benefits for millennial employees. Before the crisis, more than one-third of employees (35%) would even change jobs if they had the opportunity to work from home, and more than one-third of employees could cut their salaries by 5% for work. Sometimes at home.

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For prospective employees, the opportunity to balance work and family life can be a big draw. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, many organizations faced the challenge of accepting the benefits of remote and flexible work without destroying or destroying the established way of working. Now, we are forced to work at home in a productive way, and we can see that this is the “new normal” of progress.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to overcome the previous fears and worries about employers. In fact, we have heard (and seen in our own team) reports on positive impacts, that is, more frequent, structured, and communication will lead to increased collaboration, teamwork, and support.

After the release of COVID-19, will we hire more frequently remotely?

Our way hire have also changed. Today, the default way to interview potential candidates is through video calls-only a few months ago, the default way was face-to-face.

So far, all parties are very satisfied with the position we were asked to hire in the crisis, and this important first meeting can be held online, although this is the first time for many people. At HAYS Talent Solutions, we have even established a completely online group evaluation process, but can interact with the group and provide the recruitment team with an opportunity to evaluate candidates in the group environment. Ensuring inclusiveness is essential in these processes-everyone must be given equal opportunities and opportunities.

In this new reality, we are constantly learning

As we survive this crisis, things change every day, so most of us are constantly developing our own methods. As we become more proficient, we will gradually build the elements we think are missing-because we are all looking for these learning experiences. It may be because we think it is necessary to design a method to replace the water cooler dialogue, which is something you find in the corridor-this is difficult to do when everyone is far away. We must find a new way of entertainment, and through the video conferencing tools we choose, explore together new ways to build and develop culture in a different way than in the past.

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Therefore, after completing all these tasks, it is important to use this precious time to think about what part and reason you will enter the “old normal” of the post-crisis era, and the part you will happily say goodbye to.


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