HBO Now waves goodbye to older Apple TVs

The Now app says to the second and third generation TV, 9to5Mac report. After extending the deadline for another two weeks, the company has removed the app from the aforementioned . Initially, the deadline was set at the end of April, but after the user complained, the date was Postponed to May 15. The third-generation Apple TV launched 8 years ago, HBO believes that it is time to upgrade. However, people buy set-top boxes less frequently than other gadgets (such as mobile phones), and many of them are still using these older Apple TV models. The timing is not perfect-there are rumors that the tvOS hardware will be updated later this year, so please do not rush to the .

HBO Go will also have to be launched-it will be launched for another two months and then follow the fate of HBO Now. The upcoming HBO Max streaming will also be supported on the fourth generation and later versions of Apple TV. All in all, everything points to upgrades, but if new hardware is in production, patience may be a wise choice.

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