Finally, HBO Max is about to enter the Roku device. WarnerMedia and Roku announced on Wednesday that the former’s just-started streaming HBO Max will be available on the latter’s platform starting from Thursday. You can download the HBO Max app from the Roku channel store. If you have already used the HBO app on your Roku device, it will automatically update to the HBO Max app. You can then log in using your existing HBO credentials. In addition, the HBO Max application is now also available on PlayStation 5. It is already available on PlayStation 4.

The end of the deadlock between the telecommunications giant’s WarnerMedia-owned Roku and AT;T is an important moment for both parties. The upcoming Christmas “Wonder Woman 1984” (DC superhero sequel led by Gal Gadot) is coming In HBO Max and in American cinemas. In order for “Wonder Woman 1984” to be successful on HBO Max, AT&T needs the most popular living room platform in the United States (in terms of time spent). Roku will not risk alienating DC fans, they may choose another way (such as Fire TV) to watch “Wonder Woman 194”.

Every 2021 Warner Bros. movie will be released on HBO Max and cinemas on the same day

Bloomberg reported that the two sides made some concessions to reach an agreement. Roku will not sell HBO Max subscriptions through Roku Channel, as this will hide “valuable user data” from WarnerMedia. On the other hand, when HBO Max launches its ad-supported ad campaigns, Roku will receive an ad revenue.

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With Roku, HBO Max has now solved the biggest living room pain point in the past month. In November, the HBO Max app arrived on Fire TV devices. Amazon and Roku together constitute more than 70% of the US media streaming player market. Earlier this week, HBO Max also added Comcast’s X1 and Xfinity Flex, further expanding its scope of influence. PS5 is a secondary supplement to the IoT solution, but it can the future needs of HBO Max.

According to AT;T CEO John Stankey, as of early December, HBO Max had approximately 12.6 million active users. But streaming services have been working hard to convert existing HBO users to HBO Max. Those who pay for HBO on TV can use HBO Max for free, otherwise they will have to pay 15 US dollars (about 1100 rupees) per month. HBO Max nominally has 33 million subscribers, including HBO on TV members, but these redundant users did not bother to activate their HBO Max accounts.

Christopher Nolan calls HBO Max the “worst streaming service” of the Warner Bros. deal

“We believe that all entertainment activities will be streamed. We are very happy to work with HBO Max to bring its incredible library of iconic entertainment brands and blockbuster directly to the Roku family. These exiled theatrical releases will be spread to In the Roku family, more than 100 million people have produced Roku Roku platform business senior vice president Scott Rosenberg said in a prepared statement. “To reach a mutually beneficial agreement between Roku and our partners to grow together, it is difficult for us to The value of confidence provides consumers with an excellent user experience, and we are excited about the opportunity to deepen the long-term relationship with the WarnerMedia team. “

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“HBO Max is an incredible product with unparalleled content offerings that put consumers at the center. We are very pleased that Roku users will be able to experience all the wonderful stories that HBO Max provides,” WarnerMedia’s Chief Revenue Officer Tony Goncalves added. “In the next few months, we are making new breakthroughs, and we can’t wait to work with Roku’s long-term partners to consolidate our past success and bring HBO Max’s top-quality entertainment to Roku’s Large audience.”

Patty Jenkins filmed “Wonder Woman 194” with HBO Max on 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos

HBO Max is currently only used in the United States. It is planned to be launched in parts of Europe and Latin America in 2021. WarnerMedia said that there are currently no plans for other countries, including India, and the company said it will temporarily work with existing partners. In India, WarnerMedia has connections with Netflix, and Disney + Hotstar.