Hawkeye Episode 3—released on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar on Wednesday—expands the role of Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), senior manager with hearing and physical difficulties in Tracksuit Mafia, in the last shot Being teased Hawkeye Episode 2.It serves as the origin story of the previous character in the spin-off series echo (Maya’s other self in the comics) Cox will lead. Besides telling us why she wanted to find out the identity of Ronin (Rangin killed her father), Hawkeye Episode 3 gave us glimpse of her childhood (because she went to a school of all abilities and took a karate course).It is through these last bits Hawkeye It teased an even bigger bad thing—perhaps the connection with the old Marvel universe of Netflix that fans have been longing for.

Early entry Hawkeye In episode 3, when Maya’s father William Lopez (Zan McRanon) sent her to the Karate Academy, he told her “Uncle will come to pick you up after class.” giant-we rarely see him Hawkeye Episode 3-Step into the picture, then chuckle and stretch out her hand, lovingly stroked the cheek of the young Maya (Darnell Besaw), who smiled at him.In Marvel Comics, Maya is the guardian of Kim Bin/Wilson Fisk, and Vincent Donofrio played him memorably in the Netflix-Marvel series Daredevil. Uncle is here Hawkeye The size of episode 3 seems to be the same size as D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, but will it really be him? Will Marvel Pictures really push the Netflix series to the forefront in some way?

Vincent Donofrio as Wilson Fisk Daredevil Season 3
Photo Credit: David Lee/Netflix

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There is more “evidence” elsewhere Hawkeye Episode 3. When Maya (Cox) witnessed Ronin taking away her colleague and father in the office, the name of the shop appeared instantly. It is called Fatty Car Repair and can be read as reference to the kingpin. In Marvel comics, Wilson Fisk is often referred to as “fat” by those who disagree with him.And then later Hawkeye In episode 3, when Maya’s second-in-command Kazi (Fra Fee) disagreed with her, he mentioned “uncle” again and pointed out that he would not like the noise they make. Finally, when Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) were discussing the sportswear mafia, Clint said that you don’t want to be the one above Maya People mingled together.

Now, to be fair, this is not enough to conclude that Hawkeye Episode 3 will be Wilson Fisk.Marvel Studio has made some adjustments to the characters and storyline to suit its purpose-see what it is Hawkeye Working with Jack Dukens (Tony Dalton), the good guy in the comics and Hawkeye’s mentor, but now looks like bad guy and has nothing to do with Hawkeye. And there is no guarantee that even if Fisk returns, it will be D’Onofrio. But it is a shame to throw away all kindness.In addition, there have been rumors for several months that Charlie Cox who played Matt Murdoch/Daredevil Daredevil, already Shoot Spiderman: scene with nowhere to go.

In view of all this, Marvel seems to finally integrate the Netflix-Marvel series of characters with the larger Marvel movie universe. They have always coexisted, but they have never been recognized in MCU movies or Disney+ series before. Hawkeye It can be set to change this.But it won’t be three seasons Daredevil Will MCU have headache?This is where Tom Hiddleston leads Rocky Come in because it opened the way for the Marvel multiverse. Now we can have “variants” of existing characters. This allows Marvel to bring D’Onofrio back to Wilson Fisk (and even Cox as Murdoch), but they can change any arc or storyline that doesn’t suit them.

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It remains to be seen what route the MCU takes, and how many of them will eventually become reality. Hawkeye Episode 4 will air on December 8, followed by Hawkeye December 15th episode 5, December Spider-Man: Nowhere to Retreat, and the series ending Hawkeye Episode 6 on December 22.

Hawkeye Watch Disney + hot stars
  • release date November 24, 2021
  • type Action, Adventure, Story
  • period 1 hour 36 minutes
  • Throw

    Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Fra Fei, Tony Dalton, Zan McRanon, Brian Darcy James, Arakwa Ko Kess

  • Director Reese Thomas, Burt and Bertie
  • music Christopher Baker
  • Producer Kevin Fitch, Luis Desposito, Victoria Alonso, Trian Tran, Rees Thomas, Rees Thomas, Jonathan Higuera, Brad Windbaum
  • Production Marvel Studio
  • Certificate U/A
  • User ratings