has announced that it will make three changes to the way group work in Google starting on December 3. One of these major changes is the compatibility of group chats with classic , which essentially means that group conversations in Hangouts will begin to appear in Google Chat in the coming weeks. New members can be added to the group chat and they will have access to the entire chat history. also said that the updated group conversations will also follow the established safe deposit box retention policy.

According to the official blog, Google will make these three changes to Google Workspace from December 3rd, and these changes will be rolled out gradually in about 15 days. These changes are part of the transfer of users from Google Hangouts to Google Chat in the second half of next year. The changes made will help automatically migrate users’ Hangouts conversations and saved history.

The first important change in Google Chat is an update to group conversations. After adding a new member to the group conversation, all other members will see a message announcing the new member. In addition, new members will be able to view the entire conversation, including messages sent before the user enters the group. You can easily create a group conversation using the “Start a new chat” option in the conversation settings menu.

The second change in Google Chat is about chat history. End users can turn on/off history at the conversation level, and administrators can control whether to keep chat records of users in the organization.

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The third change in Google Chat is related to the Google Vault retention policy. Google said that the updated group conversations will also comply with other retention policies in the safe deposit box. “If you set custom chat retention rules in Google Vault, the coverage will change. The rules set for “All chat spaces” will apply to existing chat rooms, as well as updated group messages and group messages .”

The new Google Workspace is currently only available to corporate customers, and Google will introduce it to other users next year. It is said that Google Chat retains some Hangout features, such as direct and group messaging, and discards other features.

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