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Developer Day

After the unfortunate cancellation of E3 this year, Summer 2020 is full of online digital events Show off the video game in anticipation of the coming months. Recently, we held the second day of the annual development event and collected all the games on the July radio program.

Double Fine and iam8bit’s annual events are dedicated to highlighting upcoming indie games and The first day of the developer show Aired in June. But this The strangest Over the years, the event has hosted the second Summer Olympics, and another version was announced in November.

So let’s take a look at all confirmed Switch games in the July edition of “Developer’s Day”.

Below the full video stream, you will find a list of all confirmed Switch games confirmed at the second summer game festival of the Developer Day Showcase in July 2020.

Developer Day July 2020 Showcase Presentation-Monday, July 20, 2020

Rogue Company (Summer Game Festival)

Rogue Company is a third-person tactical shooting game, which takes the fate of the world in your hands. Pretending to be one of the elite agents of Rogue Company, everyone has their own set of skills and participates in various game modes.

There is no shortage of weapons, gadgets and styles in Rogue Company’s actions. The task starts now. Save it for a day, look good, get paid.

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Severe (God of the Moon) (Summer Game Festival)

Madness has transcended the battlefield. Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon, will restore God’s order at all costs, no matter who is in his way.


“Tunche” is a fascinating hand-painted fighting game with gangster elements, cooperatives and a few wizards and witchcraft. Master these five characters, their skills and ultimate abilities, defeat epic bosses and uncover the secrets of the mysterious Amazon jungle! The game is centered on high-risk, high-reward battles and has a stylish scoring system. Choose the hero that best suits your play style, and start a journey through 4 different worlds, each of which is full of unique enemies.

Untitled Goose Game (Physical version)

iam8bit, Skybound Games and House House are honored to announce that Untitled Goose Game has released a physical version for PS4 and Switch for the first time, and the original game soundtrack has been released on Vinyl. In addition to the standard boxed version, iam8bit’s proprietary Lovely Editions also have “eco-packaging” made of exquisite recycled materials.

All versions will be available on September 29!

To the end

“To the End” is a 2D movie fighting adventure game with a nuanced combat system and hand-made slashes. This is a journey to follow his father through the ruthless wilderness and return to his family.

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Mundaun is a handmade horror story set in a dark and secluded valley in the Alps. Players will explore areas full of secrets, survive hostile encounters, drive vehicles and solve various hand-made puzzles to find the truth.

Further reading: The horror adventure Mundaun announces a replacement, this is the first trailer to watch

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I am dead

“I Am Dead” is a fascinating puzzle adventure game created by the creators of Hohokum and Wilmot’s Warehouse, aimed at exploring the afterlife.

Further reading: Function: In September this year, I am dead, we talk to the developers to learn more

Illustration: Valley of Creed

Figment: Creed Valley is an action-adventure game developed in the human mind. The nightmare is spreading, and the enemy has occupied the once peaceful land. Come join the puzzles, courageous boss fights and unique environments to enjoy the courage of your heart. Face your fears.

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Surreal Hack and Slash Roguelite players struggle with the nightmarish depression of living in the subconscious mind of a young woman. Dreamscaper is an ARPG Roguelite that combines elements of brawler, top-down shooter and dungeon crawler. Each slumber is a different random dungeon. You must release the power of your dreams to see a new day. Play as Cassidy, a young woman in deep depression. Dive into her subconscious and bear the surreal nightmare to fight with.

Blasphemy (Dawn’s Chaos DLC)

The penitent awakens the ancestral power that miracles have long forgotten, and the dawn swells on the land of Kovstodia…

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Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Note: Although Alba is only confirmed for PC and “Consoles” (so not specifically for Switch), it seems that this game from ustwo ( Monument Valley, Will go to the Nintendo console. With this in mind, we include the following trailers:


Note: Huey Games’ Mechinus is a puzzle platform game built into Unity. The platform is not yet certain, but we include a trailer here because it seems possible to launch Switch Past work of developers:


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If you missed anything and which ones you are most looking forward to, please let us know below.