googles hr boss is stepping down while tensions between management and employees continue to heat up
Erin Norton

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Google Human Resources Director Eileen Naughton announced that she will resign this year as tensions between employees and management continue to plague the company. The message was originally created by Get rich.

Naughton will stay at Google, but its role is unclear. Norton said in a statement provided by Google that she resigned because she had decided to move back to New York.

Norton said in a statement: "I'm at the beginning of the process and I want everyone to know of time because I will work with Sundar and Ruth to find great leaders for the personnel team." To Business Insider.

Naughton has been with the company since 2006 and has led the human resources department for the past four years, where he has led the company's large-scale operations. She spearheaded the recruitment of 70,000 new employees and doubled Google's workforce.

But Naughton also oversees an employee who is increasingly angry at the company's management as the company allegedly handles Sexual Harassment Complaint, Cancel City Hall meetingwith Strengthening supervision of employees.

In November 2019, Google fired four employees suspected of sharing internal information. The employee in question hit back, File a lawsuit Unfair labor practices.

Norton said in a statement that she was still stepping down and said no replacement had been found.

A Google statement also confirmed that Norton will continue to work for the company, although future roles are still uncertain.

"In the past 13 years, Irene has made significant contributions in a number of important areas such as media partnerships, leading our sales and operations in the UK and Ireland, and leading our people operations team, with more than 7 Ten thousand people start businesses at Google, "said Google CEO Sundar Pichai. "We are grateful for everything Eileen has done and look forward to her new chapter at Google."

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