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Google is expanding the “Bed Time” tab in the “Clock” app to almost all devices. This will help users maintain a consistent sleep schedule, track screen time at night and set up sleep playlists. It can be used by activating the Wellbeing function of Android and using the Clock app. The “” tab, which was previously only available on Pixel devices, will remind users when to go to bed and limit the notifications that will be visible to them after one hour, paving the way for a smooth sleep schedule.

Google announced this extension in a blog post, stating that the “Bedtime” tab in the “Clock” app will also enable users to wake up more gently. You can use the Digital Wellbeing settings tab, which will provide subtle lighting and sound prompts. When you go to bed, your will start to dim. The notification is closed, the email and text are paused, and a soothing night sound starts to play.

“Remember that time, when you check a notification, it turns out to be an hour more than your bedtime? We bet you are not happy. Therefore, we created a bedtime pattern to remind you when it’s time to go to bed and pass Keep your phone dark and quiet during sleep to limit interruptions.” Google said in a blog.

You can turn on the grayscale mode for your phone at night, enter the “Do Not Disturb” mode to limit notifications, and use apps such as “calm”, “Spotify” and “YouTube ” to fall asleep. Users can also track their screen time at night, which helps maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

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Google said in a that it can help users fall asleep naturally through the “time before bed” label, just like before. “In the past, sleep was natural. Thanks to Android, it can be used again.

The “Bedtime” tab in the “Clock” app is now available for devices running Android 6.0 and . If you have installed a phone with Digital Wellbeing, you can turn on the bedtime mode in the settings or schedule it directly from the Clock app.

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