A platform where you can ideas and inspiration, explore more places related to your hobbies, and create a display board that displays your collection. sounds like Pinterest, Correct? Okay, this also happens to be keen, This is a web and Android application developed by - 120.

Use Keen on desktop and mobile devices

On , you can collect interesting content from the Internet and get more suggestions for your hobbies. Such a personalized dashboard-or Google’s term Keen-can be private or public, or it can be shared with others. Google Said that it will use the functions of search and machine learning to help users more relevant content.

Users can also follow passionate content created by others and be notified when new content is added to it. “Passion is not a place to spend a lot of time browsing. On the contrary, it is a home that meets your interests: a place to grow, share with loved ones, and things that can help realize this precious life. Blog post.

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