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To help the political movement security, Google Working with nonprofits to defend the digital battle Make Titan's security key free for qualified political groups. The physical key is part of Google's advanced security program and provides another level of two-factor authentication to protect Google accounts. Even more importantly, the new partnership will not let campaigns set up security measures on their own, but will help with installation and activation.

"Each member of the event, from candidate to canvasser, should have easy access to the best security to lock their information," said Mark Risher, director of product management, identity and user security at Google. Said in the statement.

to qualified In a free security plan, a political party or committee must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Senate candidates with at least $ 50,000 in revenue and Senate candidates with at least $ 100,000 in current election cycle
  • Senate and Senate candidates will vote in elections
  • Presidential candidates with a turnout of more than 5% in national polls

DDC Get special permission Provided by the Federal Election Commission last May, the aim is to provide free cybersecurity to the Federal Candidates' Committee and the National Party Committee because these organizations are "obviously threatened by foreign attacks." DDC will not be able to work one-on-one with all applicable campaigns, but someone will assist in ordering keys and setting up protections, including adding keys, wired report.

Campaign cybersecurity became more urgent after 2016, when the Democratic National Committee was hacked after Hillary Clinton's campaign manager Suffering from email phishing attacks. Emails are selectively dumped online after breach of agreement, Conspiracy theories In the final stages of the campaign, Clinton was widely suspected. The violation was widely attributed to Russian intelligence agencies, including Report of the Director of the National Intelligence Service.

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Google says its advanced program can help protect emails, documents and contacts from candidates and campaigns from hackers. In addition to physical keys, the program scans for malware in documents, provides third-party data access restrictions, and is frequently updated to protect against new threats.

This is Google's move to step up its elections and campaigns. Its new Political advertising restrictions Effective last month, it restricts advertisers' target groups based on public voter records or political affiliations.