Photos for Web is a long-awaited feature that has been on its Android and iOS mobile apps for some time. The “memories” coming with the latest update will allow users to see wonderful moments in different time periods. The functionality on Google Photos for Web will be similar to how it works on mobile apps. When opened in a browser, the memories will be displayed at the top of the Google Photos gallery. It will display selected slides taken from the user’s old and recent images. In addition, users can choose to hide photos of certain people or time periods so as not to appear in “memories”.

Photos on Wednesday disclose Add Photos Memories on the web through its Twitter page. As mentioned earlier, users can view their collection of photos and videos from previous years or recent weeks on a computer with the latest features. To try it out, users need to visit Google Photos and log in to their Google account. Memories will appear in the carousel at the top of the home screen-above the user’s most recent photos. By opening the memory and clicking the in the carousel, the user can find the relevant images of the time period. Just like on a mobile device, the user can open the memory by clicking any of them.

There are also customization options.Memories can be set as previous years, recent highlights or from internal themes set upIt should be noted that any changes the user makes to the memory on the web will also be synchronized with the content displayed on the mobile application.

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Photo users can also hide photos of certain people or time periods to prevent them from appearing in “memories”. In addition, any content previously hidden on other devices will not appear on the web version. When a Google Photos user hides someone, their face will not appear on the memory, creation, or search page.

According to ’s blog, Memories on Google Photos for Web will be launched on Wednesday, October 20th.

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