According to reports, Google hopes to add free TV channels to its Google TV platform in the near future. Google TV is an Android-based smart TV platform that can run on Chromecast and choose smart TVs from companies such as Sony and TCL. Google TV already supports multiple streaming media applications such as Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix, and it is said that it is now seeking to improve performance by adding free TV channels to the portfolio. According to reports, Google is in talks with companies that distribute free and ad-supported streaming TV channels.

The agreement report cited industry sources as saying that free streaming media channels may be launched on Google TV together with smart TV partners as early as this fall or in 2022. With this feature, Chromecast owners will be able to browse channels through a dedicated live TV menu. Currently, this menu only provides pay TV services, such as YouTube TV subscription services. New free TV channels will be offered alongside these subscription-based live channels.

According to the report, these channels may have the look and feel of a traditional linear TV network, with commercials and on-screen graphics. These efforts are similar to the TV Plus service Samsung provides on its smart TV series every month. This service integrates a free streaming media channel, and Samsung is reported to broadcast “billions of minutes” of linear programs every month.

According to reports, even Roku and Amazon followed in Samsung’s footsteps and introduced live channels on their devices. It is said that Roku, which is not available in India, has added more than 200 free channels to its platform. Most smart TV manufacturers today ideally add free streaming media channels to their program guides to allow users to easily switch between streaming media channels and live TV. As Google TV adds free live channels, Chromecast users will also benefit from it.

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Recall that Google TV was announced in September last year as a new interface based on Android TV. It introduced a number of features, such as personalized recommendations from cross-subscriptions, and the ability to create watch lists. You can add movies and shows anywhere on your phone or laptop through Google search.