Google Translate today introduced Transcribe for Android, a feature that provides continuous, real-time translation of conversations. Transcribe will start supporting eight languages ​​in the coming days: English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai. With Transcribe, translators now translate classroom or conference lectures without time constraints, while speech-to-text AI lasts no longer than words, phrases, or sentences in translation. Google plans to introduce Transcribe to iOS devices at a specific future date.

Transcription users change the size of the text displayed on the screen at any time for real-time translation, or pause or resume translation.

This is the latest real-time speech-to-text AI from Google. Today's news is announcing Google Assistant can now read or translate 43 languages ​​from websites with simple voice commands. Google Assistant previewed both Google Assistant's text reading feature and Transcribe for Translate in January.

The new Transcribe feature leverages the Live Transcribe speech engine in combination with a cloud tensor processing unit [TPU] to potentially transfer multiple updates per second. Google Open Source Live Transcribe Last year enabled developers to convert most speech to text and encouraged projects for the hearing impaired.

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Google also launched the Recorder app Real-time translation was performed for Pixel smartphones last fall.

Although Transcribe has no time limit, Translate cannot export voice recordings or translation transcriptions at startup. Since speech-to-text AI still sometimes makes mistakes, the ability to export text and audio is important to correct errors made by artificial intelligence. This feature be used in applications such as Recorder, or other popular tools for long text transcription. A company spokesperson told VentureBeat that Google is considering introducing the ability to export text and audio in the future.

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Last year, Google brought the interpreter mode to smart speakers in other useful translation tools, Google Translate Google Lens has Translate text you see in real life, such as text on a sign or restaurant menu, Just point the camera at it.