has brought the Smart Fill to Google Sheets, a spreadsheet application that can detect and understand patterns between columns in order to automatically complete data . The tech giant said that Smart Fill will make data entry faster and less error-prone. This function can be used for tasks such as extracting a person’s name and looking up a value in a table. By default, users will enable the “Smart Fill” feature. This feature has begun to roll out for features in the “Quick Release” program. Other users will get this feature starting on November 5.

Google announced this new feature in a blog post, saying that Smart Fill will make data entry on Google Sheets faster, similar to Smart Compose that helps users write data faster with fewer errors. If you have a column of full names, you may need to split it into a column with first names and another column with last names. Smart Fill will automatically the pattern and generate the corresponding formula, and then automatically complete the remaining columns.

In addition to using the data in the worksheet, Smart Fill will also use the data in the Google Knowledge Graph. For example, it can use public data to automatically complete the list of countries where the city list is located.

Smart Fill can also use the information in the ’s personnel directory to the data. For example, it can use organization-only data to fill in the email addresses of company employees. However, this feature will be limited to Enterprise Plus customers.

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The main functions of Smart Fill will be applicable to all businesses, education, businesses, non-profit organizations and individual Google account users. The Smart Fill integration with the personnel directory is only available for Enterprise Plus customers.

Google also recently launched Sheets Smart Cleanup, which uses similar intelligence to help prepare and analyze the data in Sheets.

How to use smart fill

By default, “Smart Fill” will be enabled. To use this feature, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets and enter data.To use Smart Fill, Mac users should press + Transfer + ÿ. /Chromebook users should press Ctrl + Transfer + ÿ. Click a cell to see the formula used. Users should note that the expansion of this feature will take several weeks.

If you want to turn off smart fill, please follow these steps: Open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Click Tools> Deselect Enable autocomplete.

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