The company announced that Google Search will further improve the end user experience by considering indicators such as speed and visual experience. This change in indicators will be implemented in May 2021. This concept was announced in May of this year, and Google is now actively testing these new indicators, will be used together with other indicators to rank search results on Google in the future. Google’s considerations include mobile device friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS security and intrusive interstitial guidelines.

Google has shared the news on its official blog. The new metrics implemented from May 2021 include page load time, stability and responsiveness. As early as May of this year, Google described that loading time is measured by the “largest content-rich painting” or LCP (the rendering time of the largest image or text block visible in the viewport). In order for the page to provide a good user experience, LCP should occur within the first 2.5 seconds.

Google uses “first input delay” or FID (a measure of load responsiveness) to measure the interactivity of a page. The search giant believes that FID less than 100 milliseconds can provide a good user experience. In order to be visually stable, the cumulative layout offset or CLS (used to measure the unexpected layout offset that occurs during the entire life cycle of the page) used by the company must be less than 0.1.

These new Google search metrics are part of the “core network ” and will be used with current factors that determine search priority, mobile device friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS security and intrusive interstitial guidelines.

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In addition, Google plans to test a visual indicator to “highlight pages in search results with a good web experience.” These indicators and summary or image previews will help users with topical context understand what information the page can provide. This search function will also be launched in May 2021. Google has also released various tools for publishers to improve their page experience. Finally, it recently released an AMP Page experience guide for AMP publishers.

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